Alliance Base for Northern Barrens (RP)

Wyrmrest Accord
Hello All, since 5.3 will not be around and the event is limited, let's all get in the spirit and make Ratchet the RP hot spot for us all. I know many of us want to kill everything at will but sometimes we need to take a break from the fighting and mend the injured or just get a quick pint before it's back to the lines. So until the event is over, I hope to see many popular RP guilds who RP to end up here to fight the good fight. As always, please be mindful and for those who are Horde and are NOT aligned to Garrosh (RP wise), it would be a nice time to mingle a bit and talk smack at one another. So let's get some Cross Faction in here as well!

If you plan to post guild events for the Ratchet area or just want to show some support for the idea, please post here! I can't wait to see what we can achieve on this server now!
I wholeheartedly support this, and you'll see me there at some point or other, perhaps with a few other guildies, too.
now you have to convince the people that don't read the forums
it's day one and in all honesty, it will pick up soon.
It'll pick up. After all the port from Shrine goes there so people will likely notice the RP.
Day 2 begins....

If/when my clan decides to follow the path of war, you will see us there.
Looks like it'll be late Sunday!
I have started seeing some people comign in and out with minor RP and such. At the rate we are spreading the word, we should have a lot more on Friday.

I know many people ask about where people RP and all, but let's take advantage of 5.3 and really kick it off. Who knows how long it will be before 5.4?
I find this patch very exciting lore-wise. I just keep trying to find the time to go RP it! So busy with recruiting and guild management. Augh.
Dawn of the Third Day...
So bumping it!
You'll certainly see me and the Cartel there very soon! Business will be...booming.

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