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Alright here I am playing a simple Peon. He has very little knowledge of social or political events. For him everything that going on just means new Overseers and more yelling.

However I'm trying to think of how smart he really is.

Most peons seem to be sharp as a wet towel however others seem smarter. Case in point Ukor who speaks normal .. um Orcish. He's even polite (from the wiki)

"Excuse me? Can you help me?
I have a load of food here. I walked along the road and braved scorpids and spiders and worse! I brought the food to the Valley of Trials because I thought they needed it and I like to help out. But they don't need any food! Now I have to take it back to Razor Hill and I'm afraid of all the beasts along the way…

Can you take it for me? I'm just a peon, but you're a hero. You fear nothing!"

I'm playing Nurk with the more known simple speech pattern. However I'm thinking it's more of lack of education for Nurk then lack of brain power.

So what your view? What you expect from a Peon in terms of thinking power?
They almost remind me of children or Gnomes-- not that you would want to take that too far... but they speak in quick, excited bursts of thought and would probably interpret what they hear literally unless a very well known or obvious metaphor is used.

I like the idea of the track you are already on-- that his brain will be capable but lack of education will hold him back. Given how defined the peon is in Orc culture (almost as if it's a caste, though I know it really isn't), the lack of intelligence being expected by others around Nurk might even be enough to keep him from exercising his mental abilities beyond what is common.
I once saw a level 1 peon in Dalaran. He was so well done he had people offering him gold and rides everywhere. He offered to do odd jobs in exchange for food and silver. He never asked for outright charity. He spoke in simple sentences, much like the orcs in the Valley of trials. (My favorite line?- "Me not that kind of orc!"

But if you want to make him a bit more intelligent just have him wandering Orgrimmar and offering to help out. Pretend to carry stuff from one point to another. Stop and fall asleep once in awhile. Make sure you try to throw in a few "Work Work. Zug Zug" and other phrases.
Yeah I add the key lines. "Zug Zug, work work, Something need doing?" even had a few times when someone said he should fight I throw out "Me not that kind of Orc." I do use ME instead of I and simple sentences. Do the take everything at face value so metaphors get confusing to him.

I haven't thought about asking to do odd jobs. That be a fun way to start some RP.
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I once saw a level 1 peon in Dalaran. He was so well done he had people offering him gold and rides everywhere. He offered to do odd jobs in exchange for food and silver.

That's actually kind of endearing.
"With the rise of Thrall, peons began being treated in a gentler manner, at least by Thrall and the Frostwolves. Thrall makes continuous movements to make sure peons are treated as equals in the society of the New Horde. Despite this, some of the other upper class orcs, like the Kor'kron, still continue to mistreat peons as such, especially when Thrall is not around"


So does this mean that it's possible that a peon may have been able to rise in station -- realistically, I mean, e.g. a labourer, a farmer or maybe at best a small shop owner? Possibly even obtain a basic education, though most likely self-taught?

I ask because I just made a character who was born into a peon family, but he and his family are no longer peons; they own a small, independent boar farm in Durotar. And my character does not speak like a peon, though somehow I want to work in some traces of his peon "accent".

Am I stretching things with this character? I don't think so, but... opinions?
He offered to do odd jobs in exchange for food and silver

So he's THAT kind of orc!
05/25/2013 01:34 AMPosted by Delurk
He offered to do odd jobs in exchange for food and silver

So he's THAT kind of orc!

<georgetakei> Oh my.</georgetakei>
If your peon isn't level 1 (and there are some pretty high-level peon NPCs), you can search for items, and quests, that make your character carry stuff on his back.

For me, I have an orc bank alt dressed in full Battered Leather who trudges (RP walks) from the bank, to the mailbox, to the barracks house next door in Valley of Strength. He's redflagged and has no title, so he sort of looks like an NPC. I don't use him to talk to anyone or anything usually, but when I brought another bank alt into my bank guild, I recruited in character in trade chat, did the whole thing in character, and the person who helped me invite the other bank alt enjoyed it immensely!

However, the bank alt is clearly educated and doesn't talk like a peon. Also, if I'd know that was how I was going to use the toon when I created him, I'd have made him a warrior instead of a hunter.
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He's redflagged

What does this mean?
PvP flagged. I'm assuming it's a mix with the phrase "If it's red, it's dead".

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