Seeking inspiration for disc priest keybinds

As the title indicates I was wondering if any of the lovely (or not so lovely depending on your preference) priests on this forum would share with me what they use for keybinds and even what spells they don't bother to bind. My focus is admittedly PvP oriented but I do plan to engage in PVE activities with my guildies on the side.

Now as we all know keybinds are very much a personal thing, but I do tend to find seeing what others use as a great source of inspiration to what may work for me.

So my fellow priests if could find in it yourselves to share and offer suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Either way, have a lovely day, thank you for reading and remember to smile :)

Has some great examples of what people do. I use:

Re: Do you mouse or keyboard bind?
by Naerdriel » April 29th, 2013, 8:33 am

I use the naga epic (12 plus two buttons by the mouse wheel)

1: PoH
2: Holy Fire/PW Solace
3: Smite
4: Penance
5: Pain suppression
6: PW Shield
7: Spirit Shell
8: Flash Heal
9: Greater Heal
0: Heal
-: Cascade/Halo/Divine Star
=: PoM

Alt 1: Shadowfiend/Mind Bender
Alt 2: Dispel
Alt 3: Mass Dispel
Alt 4: Void Shift
Alt 5: Hymn of Hope
Alt 6: Desperate Prayer
Alt 7: Leap of Faith
Alt 8: Dispel Magic
Alt 9: PW Barrier

Shift 1: Power Infusion if taken
Shift 2: Archangel
Shift 3: Void Tendrils
Shift 4: Shadow Word Pain
Shift 5: Shadow Word Death
Shift 6: Mind Sear
Shift 7: Health-stones
Shift 8: Mana pots/inner focus
Shift 9: DPS pot
Shift 10: Fade
Shift -: On use trinket 1
Shift =: on use trinket 2

On the side I have clickable:

Renew/Res/stam buff/mounts/Inner Focus

Special Naga button 1: Inner Will
Special naga button 2: Inner fire

* on numpad: Auto run
Mine are a bit....different.

` - Smite
1 - Healthstone and Desperate Prayer macro
2 - Flash heal
3 - Cascade/Divine Star/Halo Macro (with added goblin weather machine!)
4 - Greater Heal
5 - Psychic Scream
6 - Arcane Torrent
7 - Mind Sear
q - Pain Suppression
e - Prayer of Mending
t - Penance
y and u - Prayer of Healing (did both keys cause I miss and hit u sometimes)
f - Bubble
g - trinket
z - Fade
x - Inner Focus
v - Binding Heal
mouse wheel up - Dispel
mouse wheel down - Holy Fire/Solace macro
mouse wheel click - Spirit Shell + Archangel + Inner Focus macro
side mouse 1 - renew
side mouse 2 - auto-run
side mouse 3 - SW:Pain
side mouse 4 - levitate
F1 - Mindbender + Trinket + Arcane Torrent
F2 - Barrier
F3 - Hymn of Hope
F4 - Life-grip
Shift + 2 - Void Shift
Shift + e - Archangel
Shift + f - Bubble target of target without swapping current target macro
Shift + z - Void tendrils / Psyfiend / Mind control macro
Everything in brackets is cast with mod:alt, and have a mouse button mapped to that. I use the numberpad keys and the block next to it, so I'm hard-limited to 18 keys for spells and 8 for movement.

4/6 strafe, 7/9 turn, + forward, - back, enter = tab-target, * jump
1- HF,smite or Fishing <smite>
3- GH+regen trinkets <BH>
5- Penance @mouseover/focus <Penance @target>
8- POM <Renew>
/- PI+FH <tier 6 ability>
0- PW:S <fade, belt tinker>
.- mount/levitate/ExtraActionButton <desperate prayer/healthstone, LOF @friendly>
... (on fights where the EAB uses a cast bar, I remove Levitate)
PU- tendrils, PS <shackle/fear ward>
PD- pain sup <barrier>
home- mass dispel
end- shadowfiend, pot <hymn>
ins- friendly dispel <IW+buffs>
del- hostile dispel <IF+buffs>
<- SW:D/rez/mass rez
^- feathers <racial stun>
v- void shift or SW:P
>- spirit shell <AA>

The only stuff that's not bound is extremely situational like Mind Sear or Symbiosis, things I basically never use as PVE disc. Looking at this list I see a few things I could clean up like putting SW:D and SW:P on the same key, this setup kinda evolved out of 2 years hopping around between disc/holy/shadow and various spellbook changes along the way.
These are pve-oriented.
Note: 5 button mouse, side buttons bound to alt and ctrl
W/R strafe
E forward

theory: For my priest and other characters, cast spells go on T,F,G (index finger), Instants usually on 2,3,4,5 and CDs on Q,A,S,D with oft-used utility on shift 2,3,4,5 and less used on ZXCV or shift + those. Alt and Ctrl modifiers are used in macros for focus or self targetting, or other special functionality

~ Mass Dispel
1 Heal (unused)
2 Penance
s2 Pain Sup
3 Power Word: Shield
s3 Inner Focus
4 Prayer of Healing
s4 PoM
5 Dispel
s5 Desperate Prayer/Healthstone macro
6 Renew (unused)
Q Spirit Shell
sQ Power Infusion
aQ cancel SS
T Smite
sT Holy Fire
aT Archangel
Y Mind Sear
A Feathers
S Shadowfiend
sS SW: pain
D Mana Hymn
sD Barrier (<- bad keybind)
F Flash Heal
sF Binding Heal
G Greater Heal
sG lvl 90 talent
Z Leap of Faith
X Levitate
C Fade
sC Shackle
V Psychic Scream
sV Fear Ward

F1 Potion
aF1 Fortitude
F2 Inner Fire
sF2 Inner Focus
aF4 Top Meters

sSpace Flying Mount
aSpace Grount Mount
mine is a little different but it works for me... use a razer naga

S(shift)1-90 talent
s2- fiend
s3-binding heal
x-dispel(offensive and defensive macro)
sx-mass dispell
alt/shift/q- Power inf.
alt q-solice
alt e-smite
alt/shift/e- mind control
f- swp
shift f -SWD
shift space- grip
alt space- shackle

all numpad
1 archangel
shift 1 spirit shell
2 inner focus
3 pom
4 fade
5 fear
6 lock cookie
10 life swap
12 levitate

scroll button-trinket
shift scroll button- wotf
alt scroll- fear ward

i click buffs and whatnot. have used this ever since i started keybinding and i love it! hope it helps!!!
Everyone has their own keybinds. My penance is still Z because Z was always my level 60 talent back in Wrath. (Shockwave, killing spree, spirit wolves).

Just start by key binding a few things at a time, take it slow and once you get used to it, keep key binding.
05/23/2013 10:12 PMPosted by Truewan
Everyone has their own keybinds. My penance is still Z because Z was always my level 60 talent back in Wrath. (Shockwave, killing spree, spirit wolves).

Of course. But I personally adjust my keybinds to match my various characters.

For example I use a completely different set of keybinds for my lock (bottom left: sQ sC sR F <middle mouse button> sC sV G) and hunter (same bar X F R C Num1234 V s T sG Z). I do this because I find some layout better fit a particular class or spec.

But in order to get these I tend to look at what others use as a source of inspiration. Much like an artist or a musician may look at/listen to specific pieces to draw inspiration for their own works. :)
If you plan on doing much arena, it would be rather helpful to keybind your targets instead of clicking them off of grid or something. A great way to do this is by using your mousewheel up, down and middle button.

For example, you'd keybind MWup to target arena party 1, MWD = Arena 2, middle = yourself, and then you can use things like Shift + MWup to dispel arena 1.

There are other systems you can use that work well, but it's beneficial to keybind your targetting.
ya i had a friend that didnt use a mouse.. be bound EVERYTHING! and he is a kick rear healer.

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