<Mutiny> recruiting for casual 10 man guild!

Short Version:
My guild is looking for active and social members to rebuild our 10 man raid group and populate the guild after realm transfer. Raid times are Tue/Thur/Fri from 10pm-1am server time.

Guild History and Goals:
<Mutiny> formed on the realm Anvilmar in October of 2012, after splitting from a guild that wasn't raiding consistently. In tier 14 we went 14/16 before running into attendance issues that plagued us into the start of ToT. On our old server pugging raid spots was not really possible, and recruiting was even less fruitful, which lead us to transferring here to Thrall.

Our goals for the future are to clear 10 man normal raids during current tier, and begin to dabble in heroic modes, before the next tier is released. We are not looking to be elite, but we'd like to feel accomplished and have fun raiding.

Our Needs
We are rebuilding our 10 man and need all roles. We need 1-2 tanks, 1-2 healers, and a handful of dps. My current raiders are flexible in what role they can raid in, which allows us a lot of flexibility in group composition.

There are some basic traits I look for in every recruit/raider and some simple rules I ask that everyone abide by. They all revolve around Respect.

• I expect raiders to understand their class and role, or at the very least be interested and willing to learn to raid.
• I expect raiders to show up to every raid, unless previous notice is given. When raiding only 6-9 hours a week, it is essential that everyone communicates about their schedules.
• I hope that raiders who earn access to the bank can use common sense when doing so. We all use the items, so we should all be willing to farm/donate things too.
• I expect that raiders will not use racial/ethnic, sexuality, gender, or religious slurs. Basically, I want everyone to respect each other despite our real life differences.

If you like what you see here, then please contact me in game with a whisper or mail to Eligio. Thanks for your time and interest in our guild!
why your raid times so late. Sounded perfect until I read the raid times again.. sad panda

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