Some sounds broken after 5.3 patching

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Title says it all, some sounds break or only work for a short bit before going silent after 5.3 patch today, prior to this they worked fine.

Not entirely sure its a driver issue as literally before patch every sound worked.

Sounds include: Weapon sheath / unsheath, attacks, moving items around your bag, vendoring items, etc.

Hope this is fixed, for me driver updating is not an issue as I am on an Alienware laptop and sadly Dell does not ever update their drivers for anything. Don't see how this could happen anyways as we didn't get some sound overhaul patch and my sound settings have not changed in a long time.
I'm having the same issue... sounds of looting coins are gone, some mob aggro sounds, ( Corehounds in MC ) Worked last night, aren't working now. Only thing different is the patch.
I am having this exact same issue. Currently for me, sounds that don't work include:

- Pet battle music
- Looting sounds (gold as well as other items)

I will post more if I find them. Chances are this is likely an AddOn issue and I will have it looked into.
Going into another pet battle and the sound seemed to be working at first, but then began cutting in and out like a skipping CD. The looting sounds seem to be working for the time being as well, making the source of this problem very difficult to pinpoint due to its inconsistent nature.

Any blues with knowledge on this?
Just noticed this as well in Heart of Fear, my ambient sounds are randomly going silent and turning back on. Completely missing all inventory sounds like mail/plate/cloth/leather being selected and placed in my bags.
Here I thought my sound card was on its way out... During the battle event in Durotar, music and important npc speeches kept cutting out for me. Other sounds, like the footsteps of my mount, were fine. I could also hear the "battle" sounds coming through clearly - weapon hits, etc.
Oh, also, you can hear when a party member clicks the release spirit thing.
Same here.
During the battle event in Durotar, music and important npc speeches kept cutting out for me

Same here. NPC dialogue keeps cutting out after a few words. I've seen it in Durotar, as well as with Lorewalker Cho and the new quest where you follow the old man up the mountain.
same issue hear. i sometimes get cut outs on quest complete sounds, money when i vendor stuff repair hammer sounds. and all around ambient sometimes.
Same problem here to. I've found that my sound cuts out for a few things like:
-Weapon Sheath/Unsheath
-Enemy sound effects (Like when a Sha roars at you)
-Voice audio cutting out
-Quest accept/complete sound effects

Seems like this could be easily fixed, and there's too many people with the same problem for it to be something wrong with my system. Blues?
have the same problem. noticed it with DBM mods not playing their warning sounds and not hearing NPC sounds (core hound roars in MC and the boss dialogue)
There are other threads regarding this issue, but it seems we're sticking to this one:

Page 2 I post that my contact is looking into it, as well as further down, I posted a link to Bashiok tweeting it's a known issue & being looked at.
This morning I was playing on my priest doing the "defense at Niazo temple" dailies for AC. I noticed my sounds cutting in and out. Sounds ending early. These are Blizzard's in game sounds breaking up, not from some add-on. I also had problems with DBM sound alerts last night intermittently working. Sometimes they would, sometimes they wouldn't.
You can fix the no sound issues by going into the system settings and going to sound. And either turn off the use hardware check box or toggleing it on and off.
@ Titannz, im going to have to look into that.

But i have noticed this too.
Boss voiced scripts are playing a few lines. then none. then some more.
random moments of ambient noise or sounds not playing.

also Deadly boss mod isnt playing countdowns, or other sound warnings.

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