Lemmings Building 10man


We're Lemmings, a newly formed guild on Thrall. Yes, we have only 2 perks.
We are building our own 10man heroic group. We're looking to spend 12-16 hours a week on progression. No nonsense either. Have a good personality, and be friendly, but also submissive too.

We need mature, 20's players. Currently in need of tanks, healers, and dps.
We have only 3 including myself now.

We have vent, and prefer raiding around 10-11pm eastern time.

If you're turned off by my gear, I do understand. I haven't raided since firelands, and I currently know very little about these tiers. However, I did down Heroic Cho'gall, and we almost got Sinestra down when they were current. Due to a guild drama, we lost our warlock, and couldn't finish tier 11. I also have 6/7 heroic Firelands, also when it was current. Basically, while we don't have any current experience, we can certainly learn.

Message either LickMyImp, Primoh, or myself in game about questions.

Now the ball is in your court.

Feel free to pst me!
still looking!

Raid times undecided because we are flexible to building our raid times to fit the needs of the group.
Currently needing a tank healer to finish group. Holy Paladin or discipline priest would be ideal.

We are also open to considering other classes and specs. We can modify our raid comp, so don't hesitate to speak up if interested.
Currently in need of a raid healer. But all applicants are potentials. Nothing is closed out.

Prefer Restoration shaman.

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