I miss Orton

True story...

I miss the way we'd get into 10 minute fights and then Regea would show up and I would die.

"I don't care I just kill Horde" - Orton
"I don't care I just kill Horde" - Orton
"I don't care I just kill Horde" - Orton

I'm sure that's his actual quote, but if he was being honest with himself it'd probably be something closer to "I don't care I just chase Horde around forever until either someone else shows up and helps with the kill or I run away because more horde show up"

Either way, no denying that guy was one of a kind. He chased me on my shaman when i was resto for 15 mins one TB when there was very few people in there. He was prot, i was an OP resto shammy... 15 mins, never gave up. He used wings like 4 times. I had alot of run-ins with him but that was the most memorable.
Orton, Orton, Orton. Just a few fun stories about this guy I thank you for the memories, was always great to see you.

I remember in Wintergrasp once upon a time I kited him from middle bridge to West workshop, he saw a few friends I had waiting for his !@# popped Rocket boot and it failed! He shot up in the air and slowly fell back to the ground while we patiently waited to kill him.

1v1'd him in Wotlk, I was Holy vs his Ret I beat him fairly cause he chose to duel me with his pve gear, he got pissy and wanted to re-duel in his pvp gear. Sorry fella should've brought your A game!

When we would attack Stormwind with <We PvP IRL> he would attack with the rest of Stormwind then when he realized it was to much he would bubble and Rocket boot back into Stormwind we would give chase sometimes just to get that extra kill.

In Tol'Barad he was attacking my Resto Druid friend I came running tagged him once or twice and he went to jump off a cliff in his Bubble just as he leapt I Shattered it with my Warriors throw, he fell to his death.
AHH! I never saw him in Wintergrasp.

The one I saw the most in Wg was Krazyelf...whatever happened to that guy?

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