perma-dc loop when entering instances

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its happened 3 times today, BWD, ICC and BoT, i try to enter and auto d/c, try to log back in, immediate d/c.
This just started happening about 10 minutes ago on my druid, Leafies, and now she's stuck and I can't do anything with her.

When it started the game had thrown me out just as I zoned in to tell me I needed to download a patch or something, hovered briefly at the 0% patch screen, then told me it failed. So I closed the client, reopened it, downloaded the "patch" on the launcher, then sat there unable to get on my druid any more when it finished downloading.

Edit: Just tried now, finally was able to stay on longer than half a second and haven't dc'd again yet.
It happened to me as well in Coldarra. Ive been all over the game and net and files and forums for the last 2 hours... Major rage >:/
Still won't let me in. It logs into toon, the screen flashes like its phasing me in and out of the portal, and not even 3 full seconds and im disconnected again. I cant even push anything to move, cuz ive tried spamming my arrow key thinking if i could just get away from the portal it would be fine.. it glitches and disconnects in seconds.
Zoning out of the instance dc'd me once more, now I'm stuck in an auto loop fest.. again.

I logged in just now after having waiting a full hour for blizz ppl to wake the eff up and review tickets.... idk wtf i am. its the same portal, but now with walls?? (the dungeon portal where im at does NOT have walls) lol. and it waited an extra second to load my mount this time b4 flashing and dc.

I ran the stupid repair tool a few mins ago to fix the last update (the one it told me to get when it dc'd me upon trying to enter dungeon 1st time), and its done 100% no good.
It stopped looping and finally tossed me into a reset version of the instance, seems to be 8-15 minutes of looping and then it stops and then starts again if I try to use the zone portal.

I also tried restarting computer and game clean and both didn't work. :<

Hope this issue gets fixed, real damper.
a couple other people are having the same issue. Some in brd, icc, naxx, ect. i cant move at all, i get dc'd too fast.
Im not sure how i got to the this page, but i clicked almost everything in a rage lol, but i got to submit a ticket for being stuck that does not have an approx waiting time. Also mentioned others were in forum with same issue. Perhaps they will see it and come port us somewhere that's not stupid xD
I too, have the same problem.
This is the direct link where i got to choose realm and which toon was stuck, to be able to submit the stuck ticket that doesnt have the normal 23 hours waiting time til someone gets back to you. Im not sure if this link will work for you since the options on the page were my realms and toons, but it appears its their general interactive link where it will load your own stuff.

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