No Clue 1/13H LF Warlock for Immediate Core

Burning Legion
No Clue is looking for a strong affliction/destro warlock for a CORE spot in our raid beginning immediately. We are currently an actively progressing 1/13 Heroic 10 man horde guild on Burning Legion.

Requirements: You must be minimum 510 ilvl unless you have logs to show you are exceptional in the gear you have. 12/12 experience preferred. Applicant must have strong single target potential WHILE maintaining dots on multiple targets. Microphone and ventrilo required.

Raid Times: We raid a light to moderate 3 day / 9 hour schedule. It is currently set as Wed/Thu/Mon 7:30 server (8:30 est) - 10:30 server (11:30 est). We will never schedule raids on Friday or Saturday. Sundays are not ideal but may be used as a flex day.

Demeanor and Performance: You are expected to act as an adult and come prepared to raids. Making a dozen excuses for poor performance, consistent tardiness / absence, and inability to follow simple directions will result in replacement. Also,

basic best practices such as pre-potting, flasking, and proper use of cookies is expected.

A little about us: Leaders have been active raiders since Burning Crusade including server first 25 guilds in ulduar, icecrown, and BWD/BoT/ToT4W. We tend to stay calm and do not yell at raiders for making mistakes. However, correction of these mistakes is expected. We like to joke around and have fun on vent but only when appropriate. We have our own YouTube channel and website and actively update with new videos, screenshots, etc. You are more than welcome to record from your PoV for videos. If you have any more questions please contact Hemanjar or Denniecrane in game or add Hemanjar#1828 as a friend.
Still Looking! Progression has been on hold several weeks. Would like to get started again.

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