Thinking of rolling a priest, questions:

Hey everyone, I have been thinking about rolling a priest and I have a few questions. My main concern is leveling. Mainly is this a fairly easy class to level doing quests? The only ranged class I have ever leveled was a hunter and they are easy as your pet pretty much keeps the mobs off of you and you can feign death when they get to close.

What is the main priest leveling spec? Are priests "squishy" while questing? Are there any "oh sh*t" buttons you can hit to drop aggro or do you just heal through the damage? I could level doing dungeons as a healer, as an alternative to questing. If so, do any of you holy priests use healbot? I use healbot on my resto druid and it works great. Does it work well for priests also?

Sorry for so many questions! I would really love some feedback! Thanks all!
I would say you could level as any of the 3 specs. Shadow will be the easiest to level while questing. Certain things kick in at later levels that will make Disc nice (atonement at 38) if you decide to go the grinding dungeons route but will be easy early on as well. Power Word: Shield is the best thing you have to avoid taking damage. At 15 you get a root if you select the talent which can help keep mobs off of you. Mainly, if you over pull while questing your best bet may be to run. You can drop aggro with Fade, but it only works if you have something to drop aggro to. Psyfiend could be used for this purpose, but the spell is mainly to regen mana and not tank mobs for you. I do not know what addons priests use to run dungeons. I imagine Clique is a popular one for all healing classes, not just Disc/Holy. I do not know a whole lot about holy but it is mostly instant cast heals and they will do more damage then Disc, but Disc will eventually get Atonement which converts damage to healing (even if it was just nerfed). Hope this helps a bit.
Void Tendrals (lvl 15) is very convenient while questing.

Are we squishy? Not exceptionally so. PW:S is really OP at lower levels, with most mobs never ever to break it. The only time you'll get squishy is if you stay in shadow form with a group of mobs and never get out to heal yourself (prior to getting Dark Binding Glyph). Basically, you just heal through the damage and keep DOTs rolling as needed. Shadow isn't too squishy with the damage reduction and when you keep PW:S up.

There are some people that have been doing more DPS as Disc or Holy while leveling then Shadow has at lower levels. I've found it easy at upper levels to quest in any spec.

I don't use healing addons, but Use what you are comfortable with. I just use the built in with mouse over macros
Healbot works just great with both healing specs so no need to worry there.
Priest are one of the least squishy classes I've ever level. Though that may change at MOP which I haven't hit yet. With full heirloom gear level 1-10 I could basically kill every mob with one SWP. Level'd as disc and found it a joke until around 30-40 where the dps starts getting crap so I switched to shadow and blew everything away in seconds. The only class I've leveled that was even more lol so far has been this guy <
Thanks for the great feedback. I think I have just made up my mind to level a priest!
I leveled this priest to 60 during vanilla and from 60-90 during MoP. I just did lots of 5 man dungeons. Queue times are really short for healers. You can just use BOA gear until around level 70 or so - after that you might want to get some better gear so you can power through dungeons as fast as possible.
Being a Priest is really amazing, you'll be able to dps while in healer spec too which is a ton of fun.

Welcome to the Priest class. :) Have fun!
I have been leveling this toon as just shadow and it's very easy. Just questing, and I'm in heirloom gear.

I don't think my hp ever goes down more than a sliver. Things melt fast as shadow.

Hunters are probably easier, but also boring too these days. I don't think any class is as much of a face roll across the keyboard as a hunter.
Leveling a priest is very forgiving, as you receive a very large absorb at a low level that (without heirlooms) is bigger than your health, and a spammable heal. I leveled as Disc because of the best survivability and damage, then switched to Shadow at 24 because of Shadowform and other goodies.

Hope to see another Priest join the ranks. :)
Hey there everyone, I just wanted to pop in on my priest and show her off a bit. (I'm the OP btw). I'm having a great time leveling her as disc and have even gotten a few compliments from dungeon groups! I have been using healbot to heal with and it works just as well on my priest as it does on my resto druid, so if any of you have thought of giving healbot a try, don't hesitate, as it works wonderfully!!

Anyway thanks again for the great advise, as I am so happy I rolled a priest!
Level disc hands down. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You will out dps the tank and dps in instances for a long time. You can 3v1 people of similar level in PvP. Just atonement and face roll. gg and gl.

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