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Heya peoples! I just came back after a long vacation. Pandas are SO cute! I'm making a female panda rogue, but I'm not sure the names I have picked out so far will fit too well. So far I have two. Umishi (Oo-mee-shee) or Meilou (May-loo). I'm leaning more towards the second, but I'm not sure if it's an appropriate name for a female character. I googled it, and all I saw was stuff about an anime character.

I'm just not 100% on their cultural names, and I don't want to pick something that is totally un-Pandaren, you know?
Something beer related, with maybe an elemental reference.
Like... Earthale.
Ona more more serious, how about Meishi?
Ona more more serious, how about Meishi?

Or this, definitely this. Mainly this. Nothing else but this. This. Right here, this.
I like Meilou best.
Hit random a bunch of times with your eyes close, when you open your eyes you hit enter at the same time in hopes you get a good name, thats what I did.
I actually find the Pandaren names that come up in the random generator actually make a lot of sense...

and your alts

Not to make you jealous...' Imma let you finish...

...but my panda name is the best panda name ever. Ever.

Sincerely yours,

Amanda (the Panda)


...but Meilou is pretty cute. <3
When I was just running around and checking out the starting area, I named her "Pamda." But then I kept thinking of Pam from Archer. XD

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