Disconnecting when entering instances

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When I try to enter a raid I'm saved too and so is someone else I get the message that I'm saved and get disconnected and keep getting disconnected till we disband and I'm trying to enter ZG but I didn't set it to heroic so I'm constantly disconnecting on my rogue because i cant move
I just discovered this with ICC.

I cleared to LK on 10-man and then swicthed to 25-man heroic and I get instantly disconnected when I try to zone in, and now I'm stuck in a disconnect loop.
this also happen to me and another toon, that can't enter and now are stuck in a disconnect loop as well Please fix soon!
Same........... :/

but ive been stuck for 3 hrs.
Bored out of my mother frakkin mind!!!!
At 3am, the only thing to do is play wow, and their new patch dc' bug has put quite a slump on that.. It's freaking amazing that they get to enjoy their 3am sleeping or sitting on their hands, whichever, whilst we are all angry and annoyed...

4 Hours and counting.. grrrr

3rd shift DCs bug and no apparent 3rd shift crew is a bad thing :(
Im should get a free top hat for my giraffe to wear around the game.. js
ffs for real cant even log my toon in get instantly disconnected
Hang in there Muffinchunks.. lol that sounded awesome xD
Ad-hoc solution we found was to get a priest to yank you out of the instance entrance.

This works because your still logged into the game for a short time after you get DC'd.

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