The Crabs and the cure by Turwinkle!

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Hi-ho everyone! Turwinkle is back in another episode of the adventures of Turwinkle, the gnome mage. Episode Thirty-six! In this episode, Turwinkle starts work for Karl Boran. He wants crab claws for dinner! Turwinkle and George head back into the waters to hunt down the Harbor crawlers and avoid the sharks. Upon their return, Karl sends them back out to fight back the Bluegill Murlocs and Gobbler, a leader of the Murlocs, that have been raiding the merchants and fishermen of Menethil. Of course, Karl wants Gobblers head as proof of his demise. After the job is done, Turwinkle and George return with Gobbler's head and await any other work Karl may have. Which, of course, he does. He is wanting a statuette of Terenas Menethil, that was stolen by the Murlocs. So back into the Murloc camps goes Turwinkle and George in search of the statuette. The come across a rare mob, Two Toes, in their search! After killing him, they find clues that lead further into the Murloc's territory..but that will have to be explored next time! So come and join us, won't you? Grab a soda, some popcorn and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle goodness!

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