Haste caps for Living Bomb

With the living bomb buff i want to try a living bomb pvp spec and was wondering did the change to the damage change the tick rate at all? do the same calculators for 5.2 still show accurate results?

If so and my understanding of http://wowcalculator.com/#mage_frost is that the cap for 1 extra tick without buffs is 5316.

and a tick over that isnt even possible to gear for 15,000 or so? what about with the haste proc shado pan trinket?

if anyon has done the math or wondering/trying the same set up would love to hear, thanks.
You can find a list of breakpoints here: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/haste/magefrost
thanks heaps
They said that Living Bombs haste scaling was changed. I wonder too if the breakpoints changed. Is that Mr.Robot info updated for 5.3?

I switched it up to a haste pvp build to try out LB too. I really like it much better than NT so far.
You just tab it on 3 targets if you want, and focus on one target. It's very easy to always have it rolling with the a shatter buff. Each tick is slower and hits for about 3x what NT does. Also, because the ticks are slower its breaking freezes less when trying to shatter a frost bolt.

Single target burst is pretty decent too. Icy V/Lifeblood-freeze- L Bomb-deep-Multiple Shatter Frostbolts-dump FF/Lances.
Hey guys, I'm from Ask Mr. Robot. Glad you found those haste breakpoints - handy, right?!

As for Living Bomb, here's the patch notes:
Living Bomb's periodic damage has been increased by 121%. Its explosion damage has been reduced by 78%, but now scales with additional periodic ticks added by haste, and hits all nearby targets (up from 3).

The only thing that would affect the breakpoint is if the duration of the spell or the intervals change. I believe those didn't change, based on the patch note. But correct me if I'm wrong - I chase down info on every class and spec... so it's nice to hear from experts, in case I made a bad assumption ;)
Just wanted to let you know i am a big fan of the haste breakpoint addition.
How does the explosion scale with the adittional ticks?
How does the explosion scale with the adittional ticks?

I think every additional tick increases explosion damage by 25%.

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