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Death Knight
I hate being nerfed every patch.

5.1 average dps in general pvp 15k to 19k (had to work to get your resil and power)
5.2 general dps in pvp 11k to 15k ( stream lined gear so everyone could get it easily)
5.3 General pvp (now padding) 7 k to 9k ( starteds 65% resil naked, only have to work for power)

This game is just a failing in all area.

Dumb down talents ( making them mostly worthless)

Pigeon hole specs so only one or two might be viable for pvp

Killed Dk tank spec for pvp because noobz couldn't figure out how to kite someone

Killing Unholy again because people who heal don't want a spec or class that has a chance to kill them in pvp

I keep forgetting that we are a Plate class because we are way more squishy than clothes.( You know there is a problem when a Warlock can out tank the tanks)

Furthermore at one time less mobile classes had more health to combat the kiters., and clothies did not want to get hit my the melees.

I'm just saying the direction this game is headed makes be wonder if it is time to move on to a new one.

The way it is going why have all pvp gear you only need the min set??? When you can just get the best pve gear minium sets and put all PVP power gems into it.
Killing Unholy again because people who heal don't want a spec or class that has a chance to kill them in pvp

A lot of people say that unholy is just fine.
unholy got a nice buff in 5.2 but then blizz decided to spank unholy for no reason in 5.3
This is why I am really beginning to hate my DK. It's become Flavor of the month b.s. every damn patch. Guess what, Blizzard? I *hate* Unholy. With a passion. I haven't liked it since 0/30/31. Yet soon enough DW Frost will get buffed, be OP again, then nerfed and below mediocre, rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

For the love of god, make up your damn minds.
Unholy is fine, much better than it was at the start of the expac.

Stop crying.
Just because you don't know how to play unholy doesn't mean it's bad.
i might not be 90 yet with this toon but i def can do some dmg, i honestly dont find the nerfs that big of a deal...sure blood spec for uh was a significant nerf but imho was needed as many poeple say a uh dk culd sit in blood and still do massive amounts of dmg, therefor it was a fair nerf.

uh dks are imo in a gd spot altho i wuldnt trust my judgement due to my lvl with this toon but i tend to get on the top 3 in bgs...always breaking 5 mil no problems in twin peaks.
Dont think the nerfs are that bad but damn there are some broken specs in arena since patch that makes DK pretty unplayable for me. Feel we are squishier than ever and its really noticeable with the buff to all the melee classes.
How bad ARE you?
I was pulling a steady 20-22k dps in 1800ish RBGs in 5.2 that has dropped to 18-19k in 5.3 and that is with me regemming to strength. It has to do with everyone getting. A resil buff. It isn't horrible but not great either.
I feel you mate, we have de worst survavibility of the whole game (Anti magic shell + Lolcibound fortitude, 20% damage reduction? Really?), worst mobility of the game, any dk can be easily kited. While warlocks being cloth users can have their tons of ranged damage, cast while walking, teleport and still have an absurd survival, we have 2 ridiculous defensive cds that sometimes you cant even use on time or are forced to pop them at the beginning. You are almost forced to use blood presence at all times to get a chance of survival. Even hunters got 2 deterrances and can heal now...

Frost 2h DKs are just a faceroll, put 2 diseases on target, obliterate, obliterate, obliterate, rime procs? Dispel target on glyphed ice touch or just howling blast your target, killing machine procs? Can you wait for a obliterate? 1-No -> Frost Strike / 2-Yes -> Obliterate. Rest is rest.

I wount even talk about blood dks because blizzard just got them burried for pvp since you cant heal, you cant tank, you cant do sht.

Those who are defending Unholy, seriusly guys? What do you call good? The fact that we were overnerfed for nothing? Put 2 diseases on target, death and decay, pet, gargoyle, blood presence, turn conversion on, death strike your target and hope to overheal them? Anti Magic Shell + Dark Simulacrum in CCs and do not interrupt just to try to get one more CC? You have 2200+ rating on rbg? Good job mate, nice DoT Cleave and necrotic strike spam, thats what we are usefull for. The class is sht and you have to adimit that, and dont come here to post top arenas, top rbgs dks and saying that blizzard dont balance pvp for 1x1, let them face a full geared warlock, a full geared hunter or a full geared whatever to see what im talking about. everyone wants to feel strong (or be given at least enought tools to have a chance) when facing an oponent and not just get facerolled.

And I didnt even talked about those worthless talents (Maybe some of the worst talent tree of all classes)

Death Knights 5.3 - Worst survivavility, worst mobility, worst talents, you see them, you kill them.

<enrage ends>

Sorry for the bad english anyway.
Why do you use Raw numbers in this argument?

You know how irrelevant your "DPS" numbers are in pvp, right?

05/23/2013 11:12 AMPosted by Darkeruin
Furthermore at one time less mobile classes had more health to combat the kiters., and clothies did not want to get hit my the melees.

and it was even more imbalanced because a Warrior would kill a clothie in 1 mace stun, and the "more health" was enough to flat out tank, every pvp season has been imbalanced and awful, that's MMO pvp.
In particular PvP inserted into an MMO after the fact. Like it was for even WoW. Arena was one of the worse concepts ever because it's glorified dueling which is even worse than BG's for causing balance issues long term.
Unholy is pretty good this patch. Only problem is that people in full 522 PvE gear can practically one shot you in pvp.

I tested this today with a ret pally. He one shotted me. in blood presence. Blizzard needs to put the 65% resil in the set bonus, and not the characters itself. We want Pvp and pvE to be separate.

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