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I am having the same issue. GTFO is not working anywhere. No sounds standing in fire, flying over seas, standing in NPC bad stuff or in raid. DBM didn't work in my 10m raid all night. I will try the work around tonight.
Im hoping Blizzard fixes the sound priority....why break it if it was working fine? >.>

Also Id prefer it to be fixed then having to mute everything else just to hear an know..have it work like it used to...
05/22/2013 03:17 PMPosted by Angelismorti
Im hoping Blizzard fixes the sound priority....why break it if it was working fine? >.>

Because they made their own DBM sounds
Blizz are aware of the sound issues. GC tweeted earlier that it was unintentional and are working towards a hotfix.
Go to WTF Folder find Sound Channels Change to 128 save and exit go into properties change to read only
As others have said, disabling the sound effects should resolve the issue. I did just that, and now DBM works fine.

I've disabled my sound effects and it did not work at all. Everything was just completely silent. None of the addons I have that use sound cues are able to produce any sound. Makes raiding very irritating.

Blizz are aware of the sound issues. GC tweeted earlier that it was unintentional and are working towards a hotfix.

Really? That surprises me...I didnt think they would acknowledge it.
Turning off Sound Effects and making DBM master audio worked for me, until I hit Ctrl and a keybind on my Razer mouse while using the "S" key to move backwards. It turned the sound back on then because Ctrl + S toggles my sound. I guess I could change that keybind, but I think I'll just wait until there's a hotfix.
GG Blizzard!
Well it better be a bug. Because Blizzard just caused me to disabled all their wonderful audio work.

I wont listen to any of it, if I cannot also hear my add-ons.
Had it breaking my music addon fighting a Barrens commander.

Yep, how I first noticed this, too. Van32's Combat Music (which I love) is now silent or horribly choppy when fighting multiple enemies or in a group. It's just not a boss fight without my epic boss music! Having to mute the game's sound effects blows the immersion. :/
Was wondering about this. I have an addon that does custom music, including changing music for combat, and since the patch, the entire thing just shuts down unless I kill sounds. Which is slightly annoying, since I use it for PvP a lot, as being able to tell when I can mount is very important.
As Omegal said, if your computer can take it, up the sound channels to 64. I used my bf's comp for raiding last night and he had that set to 64 and Use Hardware checked and I only noticed once or twice a sound slightly cut off in a 2 hour 25 man raid and I was listening for it. On my laptop it's cut off constantly, even with no addons so it might be time to adjust your audio settings until this is patched, or if your computer can't take it, turn your sound off. I usually raid with sound off anyway (default sound, not addon) cause I can't hear vent otherwise.
The same thing happened to me. but what was weird is, i had no sound till i manually ran

/script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Spells\\PVPFlagTaken.wav", "Master");

this is the same sound dbm uses. after using that, they always worked. i didnt have to alter any settings. and i have no clue why this fixed the issue but it did. the only thing i can think of is it could be a caching issue. but i have no idea if sounds are even cached to begin with.

Has anyone else tried and confirmed this?
I tried but it didn't really have effect for me. I did log in/out between pasting that and raiding but still. If it does work, I don't want to have to redo it after every login or reload.
The bug fixes in the newest hotfix appear to address this issue.

I've logged out and downloaded the hotfix. Crossing my fingers!

BTW, if you are getting stuck in a "Game is up to date." loop where your launcher just keeps re-launching itself, close the launcher, close the Agent.exe and Wow.exe processes (Ctrl + Shift + Esc -> Processes in Windows), and try again.
Ah ty for that. I didn't even notice another hotfix was out.
Yup, the problem appears to be fixed. My DPS is no longer suffering from being unable to hear my audio cues!


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