Disconnect upon logging in / Zul'Gurub

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Same problem on Kargath. Disconnected from server when I got to ZG, now instantly disconnects when I try to log in with this character.
Same here. logs into toon, flashes like its going in and out of portal and cant figure out what to do, then dc's all in a matter of 2 seconds. Going on 2 & 1/2 for me trying to get someone to fix this...
Im not sure how i just got to the page I did, but i clicked almost everything in a rage lol, but i got to submit a ticket for being stuck that does not have an approx waiting time. Also mentioned others were in forum with same issue. Perhaps they will see it and come port us somewhere that's not stupid xD
I too, am having this problem.
Same for US Bloodhoof. I got in, and it kicked me out. Said I needed a patch. SO i closed everything, re-opened it so it downloaded the little bit of patch it needed. Logged in, and boom. Kicked out again. I can get on my other toons fine, same as everyone else. but now I can't play on this toon because she is stuck in Zul'Gurub. Says they are going to have a rolling restart at 7 am PDT. I don't know if this will fix the problem... but I hope maybe it will.
This seems to have all started after blizz went to sleep for the night, so hopefully they throw a fix into their already schedule restart. but if not, gotta wait til they port each and every one of us to a place that isn't phased or glitched. :(

I'm sure when they get to work in the morning, they will be able to say they have never gotten this many character stuck tickets, making them throw a fix right away instead of porting us all then fixing it during next day restart.

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