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I'm in Northern Barrens right now, working on the weekly, and I noticed that some sounds seem to be cutting out.

Specifically, the sound any item makes when you "pick" it up. Like when you click on something and you're to move it, it makes a sound normally (like the clink of metal, the rustle of stone, etc). Or when you loot it, same thing.

But the noise ceases for me now. I logged out and back in, and it worked, for a moment.

I also noticed music getting all garbled in places, such as the Shrine. And some noises being way too loud (i.e. dragons I can hear from far away, seemingly. And the skinners at the Kor'kron meat camp).

Some noise ceases, I should specify. Sounds like my mount's movements, spells casting, those work.
I immediately noticed this too. Just made a thread about it in the general forums; wasn't sure if it was a bug or not. I can't handle this change (I mean, I will have to, because WoW is my life) but, I surely hope this was NOT intended and is only a bug. I need my loot noises back, both the currency and loot (item) noises are gone. It's what I seriously enjoy when I solo heroic dungeons. I miss it immensely already :(
Some are having problems, while others are not; from what's being said on the topic I made on the general forums a few minutes ago. I think I'll make an in-game ticket, see if I can get an answer about it that way.
I'm fairly certain its a bug. Its coming back for me sporadically. I think it may have something amount of ambient noise around the kor'kron camps (though i'll try later to see if I hear it in non-barrens zones).
Well, if it's anything I'm soloing Heroic mode Magister's Terrace (TBC). That's where I'm at right now, and no sounds of coins or item pick-ups.
So it is elsewhere then, good to know. Hopefully this gets fixed.
I think it's a general bug with sound this patch, though I'm not sure what's causing it. I thought it was certain addons at first because my sound was going all wonky, but it seems it's an issue prevalent even without them.

Either way, some sounds randomly cut out on me too. Things like looting, the cast sound of some spells (the sound of them casting, not the sound of them "releasing"), mounting up, addon effects, etc.
Oddly, just now, I'm finally hearing the coin sounds (albeit delayed) when I loot - however NOT the items though.
Happening as well, some sounds begin, stutter halfway through their playback, and then finish normally. It is affecting both sounds from the game, and addons.
All addon sounds are being truncated by spell sounds now as well. Annoying during raids if you use bossmods.
I'm having the same issue. Sounds that BigWigs and WeakAuras try to play cut out randomly.
After the 5.3 patch, I have noticed that addon generated sounds (perhaps others) are being cut off mid playback in raid combat.

Before and after the patch, my sound settings were at 64 channels, so is there something different as to new spell effects pushing out addon sounds? If so, are there any fix for this I can do? I even manually changed the config.wtf to increase channels, but it's still happening.

My post in the Tech Support section, though I guess it's a bug since everybody else has it happening now too. It has to do with priority assignment of Sound Channels as well as I can tell.
Also seeing this issue, mostly with the mobs yelling when they aggro to you and with sounds from addons, such as Deadly Boss Mods.
Blizzard downgraded the priority of addon sound plays relative to SFK, which basically breaks all mods that play encounter-related warnings in raid combat.

This is game-breaking.

Blizzard please roll-back this change to addon sound queuing immediately!
I saw on EJ someone posting "I wonder if they set their channels higher"... just to clarify, I manually set the config.wtf to 96 channels.
Confirming same issue, not just addon sounds but some base game SFX getting cut out or choppy playback. Done all the usual problem solving steps with wtf/inferface and repairing. Also installed new sound drivers. I have heard they are working on a fix, an option to disable the new priority system would be awesome as I have heard this is what is causing the issues.
Same here. I'm having sounds cutting in and out. It's very jarring, and makes the game hard to get into again when there's audio issues like this. This happen as soon as 5.3 went up.
Could this be Why DMB is not working too? i'm not getting any alerts sounds :X
Could this be Why DMB is not working too? i'm not getting any alerts sounds :X

Yes. This issue is directly causing DBM sounds to not play when triggered.

In order to get your DBM alerts to go off, you need to go into the in-game system sound options and turn Sound Effects off.

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