DBM Problems Since Patch 5.3

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Everyone in our 10m raid tonight is having a problem with DBM where it does not play any sounds or noises. The text alerts still show, but the lack of that familiar "Run away, little girl, run away!" is making me sad. I miss that angry voice yelling at me to move. ):

Is anyone else having issues with the DBM sounds? Has anyone found a cause/solution yet?

Also, as far as I know, everyone in the raid has updated to the latest version of DBM since the patch hit today. :) Maybe the new version is not working well?
Seems to be a sound bug going around. Check the bug forums.
Did you all update DBM?
Yeah, they just did an upgrade a few hours ago.
Yes, we're running on the 5.3.0 (r9592) version of DBM, which we updated right before starting raid a little over an hour ago. =/
I am having the same problem with DBM and any other addon that plays a sound like GTFO, Weak Auras or Ingela's Rupture. This seems to happen only when you are in combat though. I do a /gtfo test out of combat and it works fine, however in combat it doesn't. Same with DBM. Also have the latest versions.
This is definitely an issue with mods getting shaft on sound channel priority

this is at blizzards end and nothing mod authors can do about it.
It seems to be related to the number of sounds playing at once, which is why it seems to happen in combat when the game is playing all sorts of sounds.

I think the addon sounds are being given a lower priority vs. the clanky swords and spell casts. If I mute sound effects (but not the master), sounds in GTFO and DBM and Weak Auras all start working again.
Disabled game sounds, now dbm works fine.
Disabled game sounds, now dbm works fine.

But we shouldn't have to do this, personally I enjoy game sounds.

Hopefully Blizzard will fix it on their end.
You're absolutely right, but DBM and no game sounds is a better scenario for me than the opposite.
I really hope Blizzard changes this. I just don't enjoy raiding as well without game sound. It's making raiding difficult also.

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