Quest: Heroic Deeds

Apparently I am not eligible for this quest, but no reason is given. Completed two heroic scenarios with guild members last night, but no luck in getting the quest to become available for me.

Seems like a bug, but if there is a pre-requisite for the quest, it would be nice to know what it is.
iLevel 490 is all i know of
got it on my 486 lock, but not my 478 priest
I have the quest and Its complete, but I cant turn it in..... shows complete in my log, but I cant do anything with it.

**fixed I had to log out and back in several times and now I can turn it in
Your EQUIPPED ILVL has to be high enough. Confirmed you can get it at 480 with no rep required.
The quest is a ripoff.
i did the random heroic scenarios and it didnt work. so i thot u had to do specific. i did 2 random heroic sens. and 1 specific heroic sen. and it says

Complete Heroic scenario: 0/1

-_- .... 3 hours of my life wasted
Having the same problem on my alt..
I dropped the quest, picked it up again and ran another Hsenerio. complete!
I'm 481 on my shammy and nothing, but last week logged onto my Monk who is about the same Ilv and it popped right up, Not sure what the !@#$ is going on, but I'm ready to rage drink..

Blizz needs to either let us know wtf is up or something.
Same issue here, supposedly, I'm ilvl 481 (equipped 477) - the quest doesn't appear nro I have found any reason as to why I'm unable to get said quest. As for the bugged quest log, I'll highly suggest that you exit completely out of the game and then log back in, that have and reloading have fixed a lot of issues for me in the past.

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