[H/A] FREE PIXY!! (was: "I'm a Celebrity...")

Wyrmrest Accord

Many of you know Pixiz Midlik. DJ. Entertainer. Warlock. Kor'kron target???

Pixy can be very outspoken at times, and has attracted the attention of at least one Garrosh Loyalist, and not in a good way.

And then there's the fact that she's been known to occasionally pal around with a human named Amylin Stormpike. A HUMAN!!! (The fact that Amy is only "Alliance" in race only notwithstanding)

"What are they gonna do to me? I'm a celebrity, babe!"

We may find out sooner than later


The Pandaren had just finished reminding the Kor'kron loyalist about Taran Zhu's demands, and about Hellscream's role in the desecration of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Pixy spoke up. "Far as I'm concerned, Hellscream needs a sniper's bullet to the face! Now if you'll excuse me, babes, I got some business to attend to."

As Pixy stepped out of the inn, she took a small baggie out of her pocket. Bloodthistle. Her Sin'dorei customer would be along shortly, she figured.

What she didn't expect was the hand on her shoulder. It felt firm... strict...


Pixy turned around to find herself face to face with a Kor'kron Guard. She screamed!!

"The Warchief wants some words with you, 'celebrity'!" The guard's tone of voice was the voice of authority and business. He knocked Pixy out, quickly strapped her to his patrol wyvern, and flew off, just as numerous people from inside the Inn had filed out to try and assist the goblin.

When Pixy came to, she grabbed her head in pain, and realized where she was. Grommash Hold. A very angry Warchief Garrosh Hellscream appeared before her.

"You think you can hide your traitorous words behind your so-called 'celebrity', Midlik? Did you think I cared one whit about your nightclub fame? This is WAR! This is THE HORDE! The war effort cares not about repetitive trashy goblin so-called "music"! You either contribute to the Horde, or you are an enemy! Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Pixy gulped audibly. "but-- but--"

"Is it or is it not true that you have been known to associate with humans? Especially one by the name of Amylin Stormpike?"

Pixy tried to make her case, "Amy? She's more Steamwheedle than Alliance these--."

"SHE IS HUMAN!!" Garrosh slammed his axe on the floor of his throne room. "And therefore not to be associated with!! Are you aware what we do to such TRAITORS?!?"

Pixy's head was racing, about to hit the fight-or-flight threshold. Or in this case, fight-or-brag-about-connections. "You can't kill me!! I got connections!! Trix Trueshock! Mida Silvertongue! Masa Sunstriker!"

"When I'm through with you, goblin, you'll WISH you were dead! In fact, when you come back, I know you WILL take your place FOR THE HORDE!"

"C-Come back??" Pixy was a bit worried. "From where?"

Garrosh smiled the grin of the arrogant. "The prison camps of Warsong Hold. You will work day in and day out mining ores for the war effort. You will sweat, toil, beg for death... just like any other Prisoner of War! Yes... death is too good for the arrogant likes of YOU! Guards, get her FILTH out of my SIGHT!!"

Pixy flailed as the guards started to drag her away, screaming denials all the way out of Grommash Hold...

Needless to say, she won't be (ICly) showing up at Club Trix for the forseeable future.
As announced at Club Trix, it's time to actively try to find her. This is Phase 1 of our efforts. Anyone interested should try to either mail me (if you're Horde) or Amylin (if you're Alliance) with interest in the effort or any information you may have.

((Obviously, not everyone ICly knows what transpired at Grommash Hold in the post above. But perhaps you witnessed it. Perhaps you heard it from someone. Or, perhaps you're a loyalist who's heard talks of the rescue effort (after all, it was ICly broadcast all around Azeroth via the Trix broadcast) and want to try to stifle efforts. We don't want this to be too easy.))

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