Stuck in Limbo sort of state.

Technical Support
I died while doing BWD, disconnected, and they killed the boss before I could relog. When I logged back on, I went into the portal, and it said "You need to have completed normal to blah blah blah." It kicked me out of the raid, and I immediately disconnect.

I log back in, I'm stuck on the portal, it tries to zone me in, says the know need normal thing, kicks me out and I disconnect.

It's been doing this for the last 12 attempts.

Try having them remove you from the group, I had that same problem earlier with a ZG portal.
If at all possible, is there a blue on this forum that could teleport this character to orgrimmar.

many many many MANY people on forums having same issue with instances and portals dc'ing us, then when logs into toon, immediate dc everytime. :/ 3 hours for me
It's been about 5 hours for me too :(
In my "stuck character" ticket I mentioned several threads full of people stuck like me, so hopefully when they get to my ticket, they will jump on here and help you guys pretty quick.

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