Didn't get any loot from a World Boss

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Every patch day there is always a problem, ALWAYS

First thing Ive encountered is, I run my world bosses macro which is:
/run for k, v in pairs({ Galleon = 32098, Sha = 32099, Nalak = 32518, Oondasta = 32519}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "\124cff00ff00Yes\124r" or "\124cffff0000No\124r")) end

And am surprised that it says "Yes" to all world bosses. So am kinda like thinking maybe its just an error as always on every first day of the patch so I went to Sha of Anger to kill him. Then after killing Sha of Anger, I didnt get any loot, not even the Bag of Gold or a chance to roll my coin. This is really frustrating if this will go on to other world bosses for me for this week that I wont get any loot.

Now second thing Ive encountered, so yeah I didnt get any loot so I tried to write a ticket to Blizzard and yeah behold, they made the ticket reporting/writing MUCH MUCH HARDER, and after I wrote my very long ticket ---- it says some sort of "Error" and "Try again later". AM like "wow, really nice customer service out there blizz"

My ticket should have been like this:

I have just logged in after the maintenance and wanna kill all world bosses again since it shoudl have reset for the week. I run my world bosses macro and the macro says I have killed them all this week (Galleon, Sha of Anger, Nalak and Oondasta), am like --- wth? So I then went to Sha of Anger to see if this is just wrong but after killing Sha of Anger earlier, I didnt get any loot, not even the Bag of Gold or a chance to roll my coin for Sha of Anger. Am pretty much pissed about this because this is like the 2nd or 3rd time it has happened to me that I didnt get any loot on a certain world boss on my 1st kill of him for the week. PLEASE KINDLY FIX THIS AND CONTACT ME. THANKS!"
I'm having the exact same problem.
same, no loot from oondasta nor nalak after logging in tuesday 5.21
Same, no loot for me... what is wrong?
Just another name to this list.

Nalak on 2 toons.
Nalak x 2, Sha, and Galleon. Same, no loot no gold no roll option. Also no rep from ToT bosses, also unable to loot key to palace of lei shen like the rest of the raid and rares are not dropping one either. After reading forum posts, I agree that it somehow counts us as still being in last week, the internal reset did not tick over as it were.
And yes, Ive just killed 7 bosses on normal raid setting, NO REPUTATION.

We need some blue post replies over here PLEASE
Not getting REP for the first kill of bosses in ToT ether
Yeah, I thought it was just a bug, but I've killed Nalak 3 times and still there isn't any loot, gold, or coin rolls. I put off doing any raiding because I don't want to miss out on rep if they don't revert your kills from this week.
I also ran into this bug.
This is happening on WRA as well. A lot of people, including myself receive nothing when taking down Nalak.
I've been killing world bosses today on my 6 90's. Every other one has at least killed Oondasta and one or more other bosses. When I got to this toon on Oondasta, I was surprised that after I killed him I had no loot drop or chance at a bonus roll. It was then that I thought to check my World Boss Status addon thinking maybe my hunter had just gotten lost in the shuffle. To my surprise, all bosses were checked as defeated. I knew I would have remembered doing that. So if this isn't fixed soon this toon is SoL.
same problem
Yup. Same.

Lost out on rep from normal mode raids too.
No gold or loot from Nalak...
An yet, no one from BLIZZARD is doing something about it. Not even a reply to show that they care for their customers who plays everyday...
Same. Its the second time in 3 weeks for me... And they wonder why the loose subs
FWIW, this appears to be an intermittent type of bug. I did a Nalak around 7-8PM server time (EDT) and won the original roll (and much to my chagrin, won the exact same thing on the bonus roll).

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