<Afterdark> Is looking to expand!

I was recently given the guild after being an officer for a long time, as the old GM had stepped down yesterday, and I am looking to take the guild in a more active direction.

I am looking for friendly and yet casual players for whatever you want to do basically... heroics, scenarios, LFR, or regular raiding. Alot of us enjoy exploring old content, but the time has come that I want to move us into regular MoP Raiding, as well as some have expressed desire for Arena Teams, and RBG's.

We are NOT a hardcore progression guild, and we never will be. We are a small but friendly bunch of people, some who have been playing together for 5+ years. But we want to experience more, and are looking for people to help us do so.

We are a more family directed guild, with parents, children, married couples, etc.

We help people with difficult quests, forming daily quest groups, basically we take care of each other, and we want people who fit into this dynamic.

If you raid, and are open to helping us out, then please let us know :)

If you are on Dalaran and wanna join us, by all means you are welcome to! Just send a message if I am online or drop an in game mail.
Ho snap, you all have one of the nicest groups of people I've ever met in this game. Hope you all do well in your raid group.

P.S. Don't kick my alt Cialiss from your guild. I actually like you guys. :D
Are you in need of a Tank?
We are! We are in great need of a tank! If you are interested send me a mail in game to this toon... We are trying to start setting up raids soon, I have recruited 2 amazing people from another realm who are going to be our raid leads.. I think we're finally going to get into progression! :)

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