We already have green Dreadsteed

Since Fire and Brimstone can be used at will (without a timer, since it doesn't consume Burning Ember if you don't cast spells), everything can be green.

The world is green!

I tried that before the patch on a few mounts. Good to know it is permanent now.
I was gonna make a thread about that too but too lazy to post a screen cap.

Green Dreadsteed? Pfffff We got even better. Every one of our mounts can now be in "Fel Form"
Looks good with ashes of alar, lol. Makes it green, yellow, and purple. Mardi Gras bird.
Looks good with ashes of alar, lol. Makes it green, yellow, and purple. Mardi Gras bird.

I was just going to say this. Green Ashes is such an awesome warlock mount now.
am now going to make a mount up macro that uses this spell first haha
not how i intended it to look, i would prefer a red steed with green flames tbh
Price drop on Fel Drake :D
actually i think the best green fire horse mount is still the headless horseman's mount, flying green firey horse ftw
Im gonna stop you right there op.


Its a fel vampire unicorn steed with green fire. You cant top it.


This mount has fangs. You are riding a vampire horse that is on fire. Let me repeat that. You are riding a vampire horse that is on fire. I don't even have to say anything else. "My mount is the Black Qiraji Battle Tank, a rare mount belonging only to the select few people who were selected as champions by the mortal races of Azeroth and the Bronze Dragonflight." "My mount is a vampire horse on fire." "You win."

i think the default dreadsteed serves better - and now with the water walking glyph, even better

yet again, we are now living in an age where the sky is our riding ground

in terms of that - we are still missing a fitting mount

best replacement so far would be the netherdrakes, onyx serpent, black/twilight drakes or even onyxia drake provided one is lucky enough

but still somehow missing the mount that fits us best
You can also turn your Felsteed green -- at the expense of personal hygiene -- by bringing out your Disgusting Oozeling pet. But then again personal hygiene is not a realistic priority for warlocks; all that sulfur and brimstone.
Actually hands down the best looking green fire mount is Elegon's mount, a guildie has it and like to tease people with it on my realm when he is on and he likes to use Fire and Brimestone to make it green. And I might make him jelly as I will soon have green fire just need a few more pulls for it =)
The pureblood firehawk is also really awesome

I love Thundering August Cloud Serpent and green F&B.

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