[H]<Ascension>13/13H! Oceanic 1st 25man

Recruiting experienced geared and skilled players of any class. Raid times are 7pm-12am AEST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. We are in specific need of the following:

Combat/Assassination Rogue
Fire Mage
Restoration Shaman
Shadow Priest

About Ascension:
Ascension forged in The Burning Crusade, is a long established and well regarded 25M guild in the Oceanic raiding scene. Having maintained our constant server firsts throughout WoTLK and Cata, we set our sights on a much more ambitious goal for MoP, to be the top Oceanic 25 man guild. Having conquered that goal, our aspiration is to strive further forward and break though to be a top 10 US guild. We pride ourselves on our consistent and stable improvement which has brought us to where we are today.

The Players of Ascension:
Whilst we all take raiding seriously, we are able to have plenty of fun doing so. With plenty of self deprecating humour and banter amongst players. Outside of raiding you will find many guild members, playing other games together including Dota 2, LoL, Battlefield 3, Chivalry etc. Mumble is active at almost any point of the day.

We realise how daunting joining a new guild can be. To make it easier for you to make that leap, we will let you know what we expect from raiders in Ascension.

1. Attitude, Attitude and Attitude:
We want players who are able to take criticism constructively, work together regardless of personal feelings and work towards the betterment of the guild not their ilvl. Be able to own your mistakes and not make excuses.

2. Attendance:
We raid 7pm-12am AEST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. With expanded hours during the first two weeks of progression. You must be able to make these times on a consistent basis. Absence without notification will not be tolerated.

3. Class Knowledge:
Even if you are the nicest person in the world with perfect attendance you will still be expected to perform at a consistently high level with your chosen class. Know it from head to toe.

4. Preparation:
When you come to raid, you will be prepared to raid. This means bringing enough consumables for the entire night and being fully repaired before raid begins. Research for new bosses is also a requirement; know the best spec/talents/glyphs to use on any given fight.

If you think you are someone who fits the above criteria and wants to raid in a serious progression environment then we would love to see an application from you. If you would like to ask any questions or learn more about the recruitment process either contact Marsy or Shhnotears in game, or on the Ascension Forums.

Notable Kills:
• Heroic Lich King - US 62nd| Oceanic 6th
• Heroic Nefarian - US 22nd| Oceanic 3rd
• Heroic Sinestra - US 40th| Oceanic 3rd
• Heroic Ragnaros - US 26th| Oceanic 2nd
• Heroic Madness of Deathwing - US 43rd| Oceanic 2nd
• Heroic Sha of Fear – US 12th| Oceanic 2nd
• Heroic Lei Shen - US 13th| Oceanic 1st
• Ra-den - US 17th| Oceanic 1st

For more information, contact an officer or visit our guild website
Officer RealID: Marsy#1550, Ispithotfyah#1488
Website: www.ascensiongaming.net
Congrats to the new #1 25 man guild in oceanic, It was well deserved and you guys put in alot of hard work!
Grats on Ra-den!
Grats on Ra-den!

Thanks mate

Worth reading http://ascensiongaming.net/ascension-past-present-and-future/

Ra-den video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDeReuFijQM
05/31/2013 01:15 AMPosted by Marsyy
Grats on Ra-den!

Worth reading http://ascensiongaming.net/ascension-past-present-and-future/

Quality read. Nice one chaps.
hello marsy
Is ascension planning to sell tier 15 heroic anytime soon?
hello marsy

Hello Joe-al

Is ascension planning to sell tier 15 heroic anytime soon?

Yeah we will start selling in few weeks
To apply please send a Blacksmith hammer to Monsterðruid ingame.

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