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Hello Earthen Ring! my name is Bloodpelt and I RP as a Worgen whom has embraced the wild as his life, though interacting with humans on occasion. I am NOT feral I just have chosen to live in the wild among other likeminded Worgen I still know how to interact with humans and have control over my actions and emotions. It is summer break for me! and I am terribly bored out of my mind, I have been leveling up alts but at the same time I want to RP, so I've decided to start up an RP and anyone is welcome to join.

Our story starts out where Bloodpelt has traveled to Stormwind to pick up some supplies in which his pack is missing, though being gone for a while he now has to make his way back to the point where his pack left off (not in a guild and have no official pack as of the moment) Going by the name of Arcadias Felborne in human form, Bloodpelt is traveling on the road to the wetlands. Where his pack has left off, depending on how many people rp with me will determine whether or not the pack is actually there or if they have left him behind. Nothing is set in stone I've just come up with the beginning and I look forward to rping with you and making things up along the way!

Some things I want you to know, if you are a Worgen (don't have to be, could be any other race I come across in travels) then I prefer for you to RP in human form, frankly I think it's a bit odd that I see so many people running around as Worgen in human society, to the average person they'd probably be terrified of a massive Lupine like beast that could rip you to shreds if it really wanted.

One of my other rules is NO RPing in Armor and weapons (Unless attacked by bandits, if something like that happens) (Certain leather and cloth are acceptable) I can't stress how much I doubt every single person can afford plate or chain armor in the Warcraft universe, not to mention wearing it all the time would be tiresome and carrying a weapon in your hands all the time would probably inspire fear in others who might assume you're going to hurt them.

There are multiple ways we can RP this, you could become one of my traveling companions or I can simply run across you in my travels, etc right now I am currently stationed near the stormwind gates and don't plan on RPing anymore until somebody takes interest, keep in mind this won't be a heroic battle of clashing swords and smashing armor type of RP, just some simple traveling RP and hoping to find my pack again.

If you want to join up with me here's my steam info just add me on steam and hit me up with a message

Steam: Tyren Andell
or Message me in game on the Earthen Ring Server as my name is Bloodpelt, I might be on Ghazaghkull (my orc) or Elindir (my Bloodelf)
I'll be checking this post frequently too if you want to leave your info here so I can message you in game.
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