Forsaken and... Feelings?! *dun dun dun*

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Hello everyone,

I posted this thread on the hopes of getting you people's feedback on this topic. From what I know there aren't many forsaken NPCs that are actually married. So that and other knowledge would lead me to believe that forsaken can never be in relationships because of their lack of emotions like Love, or genuine happiness I guess.

Is there any type of relationship possibilities for forsaken without being totally.. Err stupid? Or What I think is that relationships with other races would be more as protection or companionship, instead of the lovey doves nonsense. What do you people think?

if you talk to forsaken in game, you can see that they have their comforts and are fond of things(thought such comforts and things might differ from the preferences of a living creature). It's not a stretch to suggest forsaken could develop some sort of care or concern for others, though it might be diluted, and/or lacking romantic or sexual tones.

Of course, as with ordinary folk, it probably varies among individual forsaken.
Hi there! This is a little uncomfortable..., but on topic, I think it's common sense that a Forsaken's relationships have the potential to range from fondness and selfish reasoning, to a true sort of care for others that has no need for emotions.

Anything toward the latter would certainly be an exception though, due to a) their lack of biochemicals for pleasure, b) the taint on their souls from necromancy, c) a likeliness of traumatic events before or after undeath which could cause disillusionment, and finally d) the selfish and cynical society Forsaken are raised into.
Riko and Kiryn?
Well, it's very obvious that no Forsaken are going to marry for conventional means, because they cannot procreate. Since, usually, marrying because you're not in love means that your sole purpose in the marriage is for having children, but this isn't the case.

I think that Tyiako was pretty accurate when he said "Of course, as with ordinary folk, it probably varies among individual forsaken." It'd depend completely on the individual.

Some Forsaken feel absolutely no emotion at all, and simply do as their leader bids. Others still feel sadness from losing their family members before themselves were killed, and others feel joy when killing Humans, or relief when they are saved by an adventurer.
so wait....i can grow old, and never have kids.....or any one else in my life?....

Wow, I got screwed...
Emotions are anything but unknown to the undead. Negative emotions like hatred, fear and the desire for revenge are very familiar to them.

The "softer" emotions do tend to get squelched and/or twisted by the traumas of rebirth, Forsaken brainwashing and the "natural" state of undeath -- but even those, while rare, aren't unknown. Affection, even love after a fashion could be possible, though it'd be somewhat cold and clammy sort of love, I'd expect :)

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