PvP disc DPS build

My priest has sat idle since s4, but recently I've been leveling it via BGs and playing around with DPS disc builds and gear. I'm about to ding 90 on that toon, and I'm going to give this a whirl as I gear up. It's been really effective pre 90 as the slight loss of DPS is more than made up for with the improved survivability and no loss of global cooldown swapping in and out of shadow to dps/heal. Heck, when you factor in the 2 global cooldowns you need to get in and out of shadow, your DPS ends up being about a wash between the 2 specs.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this, and if so any comments on talents / stats etc. I'm thinking to prioritize Int>Crit>Haste>Mastery>Spirit.

/shrug. So far, I'm trying to figure out why everyone doesn't do this. You may end up losing a bit of DPS but your ability to live through fights is pretty spectacular. It's really nice to be able to go into the full defensive mode that disc can get into during opponents burn phase, and just blow them up when they are done.

My other dream is a RBG team that's all Disc lol.
well your alliance so i already hate you with that being said i have a discpriest lvl 68 and since 5.3 i have felt extra weak not saying priests cant take dmg i am not sure if its a priest survivability issue or if its from buffs to other classes thru gear?

i am in full 60pvp gear (not heirlooms) and dungeon gear so its adaquete gear and prior 5.3 i felt alot more durable now i need to put alot more attention on staying alive i notice a pretty big difference the heals are easilly stronger but do not seem to make a difference in my survivability just throwing this out there. other to your questions i do not know since i am not that far :p
you will find that other classes damage will far exceed yours in level 90 content, not to say that you wont dish out better damage than any other healing class, which you will, just dont expect to beat any hybrid dps class 1v1, you wont out damage their healing and they will vastly out damage you. That being said, I kill rogues, dks, mages, warlocks, and hunters 1v1 all the time in disc spec.
Atonement dps isn't that hot compared to a real dpser. Plus any self-healing is cut in half, so you have to fall back on normal healing when you're being attacked.
for some reason people in heirlooms or something im not sure what it is none of my chars have heirlooms so i dunno but on all my chars i seem to be taking alot more dmg messing around on my pally he too seems to be taking more dmg. cant really comment on the mage cuz he died so fast before no way of telling a change. lol

anyway if anyone not in heirlooms you notice any differences in the dmg your taking i dont think its in my head but thought the patch was suppose to 'even the playing' i do not feel like anything has been evened it seems worse almost.
Low-level pvp has been, and will always be a complete circus. If you're looking for competetive balance, you're doing it wrong.
I do dailies, BG's, and double healer 3's in Disc because the damage output is good. You won't be out-DPSing anything that isn't another healer, but you can win most duels because you are able to keep yourself up with 1-2 instant casts (PoM and shield) while DPSing. I estimate that you can do a steady 15k DPS and something like 50-70k burst DPS with a damage spec (PI, Mindbender, haste reforge).

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