14/14H *US34* 25s/3nt LF Death Knight, Mage

Guild Recruitment
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Something Wicked is a 14/14H 25s guild (US34) on PVE Whisperwind (Chicago).
We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun 8-12 CST.


We are looking to add a couple of DPS and are especially considering: Deathknight, Mage, Shaman, Hunter, but classes aren't that important. We have no room for healers or tanks at this time.

We recruit for raiding spots, not for the bench (our roster is never over 31 and no one sits for multiple bosses unless they want to). Applicants should be properly gemmed, reforged, and enchanted with appropriate raiding professions and can demonstrate that they have made an effort to maximize their character.

We are stable and efficient
We have been a guild since vanilla with the same guild/raid leader throughout, both great testaments to our stability. We are efficient, maintaining our three-night schedule while keeping up with five-night guilds (and even doing better than the majority). Unlike other "three night" guilds we only raid three nights, and unlike other 25s guilds we actually kill any and all of our content with 25 people.

We care about raiding
Members are required to come to raid prepared with consumables and knowledge of boss mechanics. In return we fund raid repairs, make noodles, and give free offspec gear. We use a custom loot system that quickly allows newer members to gear up while still rewarding the high attendance of older members.

We care about our real lives
We are a diverse community with people from many backgrounds and even though we down the content we still like to have a good time--we have had a guild meetup in Las Vegas, hang out at Blizzcon, and do a Secret Santa for the holidays! Racist/sexist comments, general disrespect, and harassment are not tolerated anywhere in guild; those who cannot treat others with respect need not apply.

We are active in the community
Many members of our guild are very well known to the playerbase. Several of our members maintain blogs, guides, and are mods at very prominent WoW sites, we have members that work on addons that you probably use, we have a forum MVP, and a number of our members have even had items named after them!

We live on a good server

Whisperwind is an Alliance-dominated server with a good raiding population, a decent economy, and mostly good-natured trade chat. At the end of WotLK our entire guild (literally) chose to move here for these reasons. While we have always maintained the #1 rank we are not without competition. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8568889560

How to contact us

If you have any questions you can contact Moshne (GM) by Battletag at Moshne#1962 and if interested in joining go to somethingwickedguild.com to fill out an app. You can also contact officers Oxey or Shiramune in-game. Good luck!
need heals
need heals
05/24/2013 10:00 PMPosted by Prys
need heals
05/25/2013 10:30 AMPosted by Prys
man watching the WCS EU, it feels like im watching Stanley's Cup!!!
i love doritos
Go heal these fine people!
Need a monk heals :) and other required class.

Also, need boomie friend

Also!, what kind of doritos!? better not KETCHUP!
cheese. ketchup? wtf.
Scruffy believes

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