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So I need help. I am an Unholy DK. I am reforged into mastery. What gems shoud I use? at the moment I am gemmed all out q60+ strength because I was bored. But just tell me what the f*ck am I supposed to gem into?

Another problem is that conversion heals for 7-9k in blood presence. Should I go with death pact? I am friggen pissed off about this battle fatigue bull!@#$.

gotta love how blizzard %^-*ed up dk's. DW frost pvp is absolutely pointless. and survival as Unholy was !@#$ as it is. so why increase the %of healing done by battle fatigue?
Gem to Mastery or Stamina
Death Strike i would say should be your primary way of healing yourself with Conversion supporting it, but not be your main heal.

I have never played unholy spec yet, but i would think the blood presence might be crippling you. Might want to try frost or unholy and see if that helps you out with the heals.
Blizzard at the patch made you not get sudden doom procs while in Blood Presence. This is in a sense making you punished like a Frost DK is when not in their proper presence. You lose a lot now without the sudden doom procs. In particular it means you will be not getting off as many death coils as you were previously. In particular it means having to choose whether you want to get runes back from death coil or get heals from conversion. Adding to the less procs of lvl 75 talent is the automatic slower rune regen speed by being outside of unholy presence hurts your ability to generate more RP. It makes you have to choose to survive or dps.

In the case of frost we lose both RP generation & practically doubles the cost of our frost strikes. Leaving us potentially both rune and rp starved. Frost was like this before and now you're having to deal with it as unholy. Being in Blood Presence means you pay a price in damage. Since PvP is a bit of kill or be killed you can't expect to have your cake and eat it to. It's why they removed the sudden doom procs for you. To make you rune starved more.

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