How to stay motivated to level a paladin?

I want to level a paladin so badly. They look so awesome in upper levels and look like fun (Retribution Paladins specifically). But at lower levels they are SOOO boring. You get to Judgement things and Heroic strike...and that's about it, maybe throw a Templars Verdict in there every once in awhile. Question I have is, how did you all stay motivated to level your paladin? I don't have heirlooms so I have to do it the slow and steady way but I keep quitting at around level 27 cause it's just so freaking boring :(
I did low level PvP. I would usually top the KB's and even sometimes healing. Granted, that was in Cata, so it might be different now.
Get the harsh words glyph. Judge, exo, harshwords (word of glory). If that doesn't kill the mob while you're running at it CS and repeat. Ranged plate leveing is loads of fun. Just remember the spec gets wayyyy more fun with haste, also at lvl 75 spec into devine purpose for some extra fun. Also keep in mind that after mastery starts showing up on gear templars verdict will be better than harsh words.
Enjoy the class, if you don't like pallies at low levels, you probably won't like us at high levels either.

I've personally leveled 5 pallies to 85 (in cata) and I have this one at 90.

I do however level by tanking dungeons, maybe that's part of why I enjoy the class so much.
Every class is boring to level, at least early on. You just have to power through it.
prot is loads of fun but just like Keten said, all classes are boring to level early on.
Ret is more fun to level once you get exo.
Well my thing is... I've loved paladins in every medieval, fantasy, anything with the word Paladin in it XD, so much. They are the justice of light, the holy avengers, everything I've always dreamed of being since I was a kid. That's why I had so much fun leveling my paladin to 90, since vanilla, because its been a dream of mine to be a paladin :P. You just have to have passion for what you do, or else like Martymcfly said, you wont enjoy us very much in the higher levels either.
This thread reminds me of
I rerolled onto a whole new server so i didn't have heirlooms, but I would have to say Ret Paladin leveling has been the most fun leveling experience for me in a long time. I guess you just have to like the play style of the class. Chances are if you don't want to level them, you won't want to play them at max level.
Just know you are a part of the Many. The proud. The Paladin.
Its a PITA until you get Judgements of the Bold, because everything is pretty much dead before you get enough HoPo to use a TV. After you get that, though thing will pick up.
I leveled as a Protection Paladin. Almost every other class that I've played up since has seemed weak by comparison. Maybe not the fastest killer, but can't beat the durability. Great spec for someone leveling up solo, groups, questing, dungeons, you name it. Ok, no clue if it's any fun PVP. But yeah...Prot is so classic Paladin - Sword & Board!

I can't really comment on Ret. for leveling because I honestly didn't even try Ret. until I was 90, and looking to gear up from my quested green/blues.

Just to add in case it's not clear: as a prot. pally leveling up, you should always look to pull 3-4 mobs if possible. Find out what your limits are and seek to push it just a bit, and fights will be more exciting.
It was a lot worse before Cataclysm if you ask me...
Prot leveling with Glyph of Harsh Word, it's one of the most fun experience I have in a while.

I found that the glyph is much better than using Shield of the Righteous while smashing through low level dungeons, completely shredding the DPS.
It was a lot worse before Cataclysm if you ask me...

I remember leveling as holy in classic with a two-handed mace of the gorilla (strength and intellect) and a caster one-hander and shield for healing dungeons (though most people would have preferred a priest). Questng was painfully slow, but I was hard to kill. I got to 56 when BC was released (already had a 60 mage by then). I love tanking and how much the leveling process has been improved for paladins.
Leveling prot is really fun at low levels. Paladins are naturally op during the low levels, their heals and survival abilities allow them to 1v3 at times. So you never have to worry about people your level trying to gank you. You can also grab large mobs and level pretty fast. I myself, didn't level ret. During lk I thought ret was boring as mess. So I leveled prot this time and enjoyed it a lot. Though at 90, I found ret to be a lot more fun than it was before. It's my favorite spec now ironically.

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