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Emerald Dream
Hey! My wife and I have been playing on Drak'Tharon for a few years now; previously I played Horde on Boulderfist (since vanilla). The server we are currently on is super dead, and my wife still wants to be Alliance. Anything you can tell me about this server? Is it worth the transfer? She's still leveling and I've got a couple 90s and tons of alts. Anyways thoughts, comments, ideas and any general info would be greatly appreciated. I already read all the stickies and made a little alt, during which there was a Horde raid. So seems like a pretty busy group here on Emerald Dream. Thanks for reading! Looking forward to your comments :)

~ Turbos

Do you happen to have an rp backstory? If so please inform us of it.
Hi there! Emerald Dream is, imo, a terrific server. It's RP-PvP, and we do value our RP community highly -- I really recommend at least considering sticking a toe into the water if you've ever been curious about roleplaying. I think it lends a level of immersion that I didn't find without it, and it's easier to do than you might think, once you get started! I can point you towards some great resources for Night Elf lore, and I'm sure others can assist as well. There are also some wonderful RP guilds, and RP-PvP guilds.

Now, if you have a negative opinion of RPers, or if you're the type to stand around staring at them and tossing out insults because you think RP is dumb, well, you won't really find Emerald Dream to your liking. But I'm sure that isn't your style! And you don't have to RP in order to have fun here. There's a lot of world PvP, though I can't tell you much about instanced PvP since it's really not my thing. Some of our wPvP is of the zerg variety, and some Alliance players get frustrated at the degree to which most of us ignore a particular Horde guild when they raid Stormwind (I'm afraid I don't even bother going to see what guild it is anymore, myself). I'm sure Horde players have their own frustrations as well. But on the whole I think the wPvP here is manageable and that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks most days.

I would recommend joining a good guild, whether PvP or RP-PVP, or even pure RP -- it's nice to have someone you can call for assistance if you find yourself getting camped.
Warsong Dream is always open to more Horde soldiers of the Empire
Warsong Dream is always open to more Horde soldiers of the Empire


The fact that you're working on your third guild really shows how selective you guys are.


Considering we have met already, friend, I will state this.

Should you EVER decide to roll a Pandaren and, if you're a roleplayer, we'd be happy to have you here in the Faithful. We are in the process of building up our family and it would make a great place for you and your significant other. You have already impressed me thus far.

The choice is yours.


Just do it already!
Thank you all for the response! Sorry I haven't gotten back to anyone yet. My mom passed away this week. I'd love to try a bit of RP it always interested me. Not sure how good I would be at it at all though. @Zhiang Thank you for the invitation. I have a pandaren on my old server if I get a chance I might take you up on that offer. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good LVL 25 guild? Open to anything really although my schedule tends to fluctuate.

Thanks again for reading and responding!
Much appreciated. I already love this realm, it's so much more fun, entertaining, and friendly than the last.

~ Turbos

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