DPS Help. DW Frost or Festerblight?

Death Knight
Simple topic. I like doing the most damage. I do good damage with DW Frost, but I'm getting a bit tired of the simplicity of it, and am interested in going into Festerblight Unholy. Assuming the same gear I'm currently wearing is reforged, gemmed, and enchanted for Festerblight, and I'm using the Jin'rokh Axe, one 522 and one 502, and the Council 2H Sword, iLvl 502, would I do more DPS then DW Frost?
You logged out in pvp gear :P but one main thing with festerblight is that it really shines when you have the ji-kun feather trinket, if you dont have it its really hard to make it work as well.
Crap, got to remember to log out in PvE gear.

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