<ReP> 6/12 LFM raiders 505ilvl+for 25M's!!

Requiesto En Pace
Is a level 25, 10 man progression focused raiding guild. (Going 25M!)
We are currently looking for competent, reliable, dedicated players that would
like to get some progression done in Throne Of Thunder Normal mode, and reach our goal of Heroic progression. As well as working toward getting a solid group together for when the last raid encounter of the expansion is released.

Current Progression:
Our Progression as a guild is 6/12 in just 3 raid weeks!! With excellent progression on Durumu! (Almost one shotted him the first night on him)
(Some of our raiders have progressed farther, and have knowledge of later fights.)

Raid Nights & Times
Thursday/Friday/Saturday 8pm-11pm server time (PST)
I like to start getting the group together at 7:30pm and get our firs pull off by 8:00pm

Currently Recruiting:
  • Competent Dps, preferably Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Fury Warriors 505ilvl+ (FULL ON MAGES AND HUNTERS)
  • What we Require out of potential raiders:
  • Gemming, Enchanting, and Reforging To be correct
  • Knowledge of fights in Throne Of Thunder
  • Ventrilo and working Mic
  • Attendance (low attendance will not be tolerated)
  • Being on time for raid, The later we start the less progression we will get each night
  • How to join?
    Think you have what it takes?
    You can visit us @ rep.guildlaunch.com and put in an application

    You can also contact us in game, by either /who Requiesto En Pace and speak to any member. Or you can send us a real id request with a description of what you are inquiring about.
  • Leoriç (GM (Sanctome#1527)
  • Bubbleösëvën (GMA/ My Wifey)
  • Yaoli (Officer (Hiraiyuki#1502)
  • Apply online @ rep.guildlaunch.com or speak to one of us in game!!!
    Update! Council down on our first week raiding as a guild. Tortos going down soon!

    Looking to shift into 25 man raiding so recruiting has been opened to all types of DPS and Heals. Specific needs are as follows.

    Melee DPS
    Fury Warrior
    Retribution Paladin
    Wind Walker Monk

    Range DPS
    Balance Druid
    Shadow Priest
    Warlock(any spec)
    Elemental Shaman
    Mage(any spec)

    Mistweaver Monk
    Restoration Druid

    If you don't see your class/spec listed don't worry! All applicants will be considered and exceptions may be made.
    invite me to your guild im a 504 resto shammy and improving I do great heals and have knowledge up to the first 6 bosses
    Chog contact one of us in game, so we can talk about you possibly joining with us.


    ***********UPDATE************ 6/16/2013

    Ilvl requirement:

    Experience Requirement:
    3/12+ NORMAL MODE

    ******RECRUITMENT UPDATE*********6/16/2013

    We are also searching for a competent Off tank:

    Prot Warrior 505ilvl+ with at LEAST 3/12 Experience
    Prot Pally 505ilvl+ w/ at LEAST 3/12 Experience

    Resto Shammy 505 ilvl+ With at LEAST 3/12 Experience
    Resto Druid 505 ilvl+ with at LEAST 3/12 Experience
    ****************UPDATE 6/21/13********************
    We are now only looking for:

    (2-3) healers: Resto Druid, resto shaman, holy priest, mistweaver monk ilvl 505+

    (8) of any combination of the following dps:
    Fury Warrior, Retribution Paladin, Warlock, Rogue, Balance druid and any other exceptional dps wanting to raid.

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