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Bleeding Hollow
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Bump for inactivity purge

Worst GM US bump ;)
06/01/2013 11:48 PMPosted by Kagrenac
Worst GM US
Worst Guild US making fun of your mother since season 10
Kag cannot be trusted.
Bump for killing Sylvanas and Baine then forcing the horde out of Duelotar..then Occupying the horde shrine and finishing the night off chasing and finally engaging the horde in Darn wiping them in seconds.


Kag cannot be trusted

Magic Banana
Bump because GoT pissed me off
Kag is garbage LOL
Kag is garbage LOL

Finally somebody agrees with me!
Magic Banana
4 for four llll iv
3am hilarity
Who needs a Caddie when ya can have a Kaggie
Bump for klling Garrosh 2 TIMES and Occupying the Shrine and Org for 2 hours+ :D
I r disappoint
Bump for owning the server :)
Bump got not getting what I wanted in Sunwell.

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