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Thank you for checking out our post. Vindication is a drama free, non-elitist guild currently looking for casual players, raiders, PvPers, and all around fun people.

For those interested in raiding, we currently only have one ten man team but are looking to have more then one team and possibly a 25 man team if its in the general interest of everyone. Our current progression is 12/12 and 2/13HM ToT, and we aim to do more heroics. We raid every week Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday 8:00 P.M to 12:00 P.M. server (EST).

For TEAM 1: We are looking for a good DPS (of almost any class) and a strong tank for 5.4 raiding.

We are ALWAYS looking for good, dedicated and competent players. We are also building a Team 2.

Need a hand with PVE activities? We like to help our members with quests, dungeons, scenarios, guild challenges, xmog runs, rep and item grinds, and anything else that we can. We try to be as helpful as we can to all of our members.

Tired of battle grounds where people don't work together? We are starting to take a large interest in PvP and hope to form a rated battleground group or two soon to show people how its done. We always are looking for some interested PvPers to partake in this.

Looking to just hang out and chat? We are looking forward to having many members so there will be people on to chat and do things with. Casual players will have access to guild repairs and other perks, many of the guild events, can be fill-in raiders, can be involved in alt/off-night runs, help plan guild events, and just enjoy the R n R of WoW.

Vindication aims to be a fun and sociable environment. Whether its pwning in raids, swatting dungeons, embarrassing others in BGs, or streaking through org, there will always be something going on. We use mumble voice chat, hold guild meetings so members can stay informed of how the guild is doing, what leaders have planned, and can voice their opinion on the matter. We like to keep all of our members informed and make sure that they can have a say in the guild matters. We look forward to having many more members!

Come, join up, work together, and have fun!

Armory Link:

Our Website:

If you are interested in joining Vindication please me or one of our officers via battle tag or toon name. Also please leave a post if your interested!

Battle Tag: fadetoblack#1690 (Fivemagics - Guild Leader),
Officers you can contact: Kaldrea, Kaldria, Statreos, Sleth

Thanks again for taking to time to read our post!!

EDIT: Also, if ANY issues arise, please let an officer know as soon as possible.
I am very interested in your guild! I am newly back to the game (took a break just after MOP came out) and am looking for a new home. I have this warrior (Fury/Prot) and a 87 Rogue that I would love to get into some raids, as well as do a little pvp and other things.

My schedule is a little weird because I alternate weekends at work but I'll make anything that falls into my schedule! Thanks and I'll /whisper once patch is done. =(
I'll give them a shameless bump, decent group of fellow's/gal's. Best of luck to you guys!
Okay, Angray, be sure to contact us when you can! Battletag/RealID is there for you! =)
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Still looking for more! :D
My husband and I are transferring soon, and we are making some of our friends transfer as well. Our server decided to die when they turned it in to a "New Player Server" earlier this week. As soon as we get transferred over we'll all contact you. Oh ... and do you allow alts as well?
Yes alts are welcome :D
Are you guys by chance looking for a 520 Prot/507 Fury? I raided with your Wed group when you needed a tank this past week and I am looking for an experienced group
Mercenaryz, you'll have to talk to Fivemagics bout raiding, his battletag is fadetoblack#1690. He should be on later tonight. :)
We are looking for a tank at this time
Are you guys by chance looking for a 520 Prot/507 Fury? I raided with your Wed group when you needed a tank this past week and I am looking for an experienced group

I just posted on your recruitment thread.. Just add me or Five to your real ID and we can chat.. I will be on for a while tonight... and I will be on tomorrow a few hours before raid... If you want to kill the last 3 bosses, we can put you in the raid tomorrow night :)
Everyone needs a lil Vindication :D
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More ploxx!
Always looking for more. :)

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