Vindication is looking for more! =)

Area 52
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you got my attention will be contacting you in game
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Domo Arigoto Mr Roboto! :D

Got my attention as well! I've just transferred to Area 52 from Dath Remar. I'm an Aussie player just looking for some casual gaming fun, without the 15 year old drama that I so often see in guilds...

I've tried whispering a few of your guild roster but no-one's online right now haha, so I've added Fivemagics and Sleth to mah frieeends.

Hope to hear back soon!
Rock on, yeah we don't like the 15 year old drama either. So your more then welcome over here :)
Yea! I will send you an in-game mail, or you can add my battletag.
Its 4 o clock somewhere :)
I crave Mac & Cheese.....
Always looking for more :)
Need to be all up in this guild like Mustard on a corn dog :D
I have just dropped my guild due to the fact that I have been the only person to talk in guild chat for over 3 weeks, despite the fact that people were on (not even a hello, or gnight, or go eff yourself). Been playing since 1.0 and even if I don't end up on the raid roster every week I would still enjoy talking to someone more than myself. Plus it seems you as a whole have the same interests in-game as I do.

Edit: Not available Fri or Sat, and cannot log on til Sun evening. The only exp I have this xpac is LFR, but I've been raiding since MC so I'm pretty sure I can learn the fights =P.
Well alright cool beans, we would love to have you. Theres others here also thats a lil rusty on raiding and some that have no clue, but we're gonna do our best to get them in shape for raids and other things if they choose to. Im online atm if wanna talk more, my battletag is Sleth#1921 :)
Always looking for more :)
Always need more!
I just came back from a extended break, and this guild sounds like the best place to be, I mainly focus on pvp with a very little pve in between to pass the time. Ill try getting a hold of one of you in game when I see you on.
Howdy from 2:35 P.M. :D
Looking for more :)
Plus 1!
Hunkering for a hunk of cheese! :D

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