conversion vs. blood pact

Death Knight
As frost is conversion any better now? they did nerf self healing for all pure dps classes right? if not i must be losing it.
right now im not to sure.
ive been trying to figure out whats best and if you can survive burst without deathpact then id use conversion i guess.
it seems like t heals more outside of arenas/bgs then it does inside thats really annoying same with my heal on this hunter
This is because of battle fatigue.... 45% reduced healing inside arenas and rbg's.

I would say conversion is better than death pact, simply because if you death pact you cant really do anything else for 2m, and the enemy will know.

Make this macro:

#showtooltip conversion
/cast !conversion

Doubles the amount healed from conversion, but also doubles the cost. If you spam it will save your life.
alright ill have to try it out thanks

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