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The gentle rolling hills of Mulgore were a welcome sight after the chaos of the battles taking place in Pandaria. Vivieka Solarflare looked down from her perch on the bluffs and wondered if there was something she could do to create a relaxing yet interesting diversion for the embattled troops when they came home to rest.

As she contemplated current events and their meanings, she had a stray thought. The Darkmoon Faire was a very popular place, but it was only open once a month for a week. She wondered what they did the rest of the time? Did they scout for acts? Did they collect animals to be displayed? Her fancies became a little more focused as she watched a young troll juggle some torches. He was very good at it. She imagined he was practicing for the fire festival.

The Pandaren she watched with interest as they rolled and tumbled. Their moves were interesting to watch. Vaguely she thought it would be fun to have them coordinate their rolling around and maybe even toss in a hoop of fire for them to jump and tumble through. Her ears twitched in a distinct manner and she grinned.

Thinking it would be fun to gather those who were talented and have them showcase their talents for acrobatics and maybe...even a song to tie it all together. Ballads and stories with live actors playing the parts. She had always loved the theatre. Combining it with circus acts could make for an interesting and possibly profitable venture.

Fireworks...they had to have a fireworks display. Night shows with lots of fireworks and fire acts. The more she thought of it the more excited she became. She would need a way to entice people to come to her circus. Hiring barkers and peons to set up booths and vendors. Food and drinks of course. She thought of the expense and decided to call upon a few goblins in Orgrimmar and see if they might be interested in working for her.


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Orgrimmar was hot and dusty, and the tension in the city was making tempers flare. But Vivi was determined to find a way to make her dream happen. She went to the goblin area and asked around before finding a rather grizzled veteran who offered to help her "Ah, the Trade Prince cannot be bothered, but I can help!" his voice conspiratorial.

"You know, I have the gold to fund this, I just need someone to take care of the books and keep things legit. Not going to trust just anyone, it has to be someone who is as enthused at the idea as I am. Of course I can hire bookkeepers from the other races of the Horde, but I see the goblins as astute business people. I am willing to share profits on this venture as long as it is on the up and up. Get my drift?" her tone of voice firm as well as friendly. It surprised her to no end that she was able to slip into the vernacular of the small green ones.

He agreed reluctantly and offered to send her his best. Vivi was pleased and set off to the troll area. She had an idea she wanted to present to the elders there. What she found astounded her. The trolls were taciturn and wary. Things were very tense in the city, and tempers frayed. She was lucky however and found a very young druid who was wandering through the area on her way back to the Barrens.

"Hello, my dear. Are you interested in some gainful employment? I have a rather interesting idea. But I need some very special people to help. I am Vivieka Solarflare. I am looking for talent. The kind of talent to entertain, to make the weary relax, to sooth the wounded and take their minds off of the hurt. I need someone to find me singers, dancers, acrobats, maybe even some animal trainers. Can you help with that?" Vivi was hopeful as she introduced herself to the dancing troll.


The dancing troll turned her orange eyes on the Sindorei with some skepticism. "Where ya tink I gonna fin' dese talented people? Da war it got people all worried...dey be tinkin' a fightin' and findin' someplace ta stash dere loved ones. But tell me somptin, what makes ya tink I be do one to find yer talent?" she had not introduced herself yet but kept a wary eye on the Sindorei.

"Well, mainly because there are several people here watching you dance, and they seem quite intrigued. I myself find the troll music and dancing quite irresistable. I am sure you can find more people to entertain. I am planning on forming a circus! I think I will start it in Mulgore. The Tauren seem to be peaceable enough to tolerate a show set up under the bluffs. It is a wide open area and the peaceful rolling hills are soothing. A place to relax for many who are weary of the war." Vivi smiled at the young troll.

The female troll stopped dancing for a moment and stared at Vivi, as if trying to peer into her soul. "I be Zael Tek'rin, I might consider ya offer. I know a few people. I be lookin' fer some friends and see if we kin do dis. It do sound like a fun ting. Dancing be me way of relaxin', but it kin be a way ta stir da fightin' spirits and make da warriors want ta do tings...not always a good idea. But it kin be entertainin'...I suppose. All right, Miss Vivi...I do dis wit' ya...when we start?"
Zael was fascinated by the idea of a circus. She liked to dance and loved the beat of the drums as it stirred the souls of those listening to it. Talking to a few sistas and bruddas, she gathered them around and gave her idea. A chanting priest and a drummer to keep the time, maybe two or three to get a good pounding rhythm going.

She went to her friend the tailor and asked for a good outfit to be made, something colorful and flashy. In the evenings she practiced around a roaring bonfire, the drums pounding a heavy beat.

During the day she went in search of talent. In a stroke of luck she found a Sindorei singer who had an enchanted lute. Her name is Hahnai Dawnsinger. A handsome Sindorei priest accompanied her on a flute. His deep voice a perfect harmony to the clear sweetness of Hahnai. His name is Azmos. A good mellow act that will draw people in and help them relax.

The next day found her speaking with the niece of the circus owner. Pfaedra was a mage and thought about doing magic tricks. Feats of illusion and slight of hand. She had some elements at her disposal that could do some pretty awesome things. And a familiar who danced on the edges of a magic fountain of fireworks. It was showy stuff and Zael was delighted to see the special effects.

The location of the first show was still to be determined. But Zael thought they needed a lot more entertainers before they could schedule a show. Thinking about what made a circus special, she decided to seek out some animal trainers. The kids liked to see lions and tigers, maybe even a dancing bear!!
The nights were the worst. Hahnai tossed and turned in her spacious bed. She did not like taking the drugs, the recipes she had gotten from the trainer were explicit. They could become addictive if not monitored correctly. So she slept little if at all. The Inns where she performed her songs and music were small and scattered around in small villages. The people seemed happy to listen to her songs and she made small amounts of silver and occasionally some gold.

She wandered, never staying in one place for long. It grew difficult to find a place she had not been before. It was in Orgrimmar she had found Azmos. By chance it seemed, but she had hoped to find him again. The Wyvern's Tale was rowdy at times and they seemed to like her music. She liked Azmos, he calmed her and made her smile. When they played together it seemed to spark something wonderful.

The troll Zael Tek'rin had talked her into joining the cirque. A small troupe of performers who traveled around entertaining folks. Hahnai agreed to join them if they would also accept Azmos. Zael was more than happy to count him in the deal. It seemed life was going to be kind to her for once.

Then the nightmares began to get more intense. More than once she had awoken all of them up with her bloodcurdling screams. If it had not been for Azmos, Hahnai was afraid she would have sunk deeper into despair. He held her together, kept her sane. His strong arms around her and his soothing deep voice were all that stood between her and a dangerous descent into madness.

They took to sleeping together, if only for the comfort of someone else there. He was a gentleman and never asked her for more than the opportunity to just hold her tightly and comfort her in her stress. When her dreams made her restless, he woke her with sweet kisses and held her until they subsided. If he was not there she woke screaming more often than not.

Hahnai became very thin, wearing herself ragged with stress. Azmos coddled her and coaxed her to eat, fixing her lavish meals of delightful treats. He worried over her constantly and sought to find a way to help her. But his search for a cure for her nightmares seemed out of reach.

Pfaedra resolved to help her friend somehow. If nothing else perhaps she could find a way to contact the Fellowship and ask advice. She hated to ask them however, because of the way Hahnai and Azmos had left. It seemed there were some hard feelings and Fae thought this was some kind of clue to what Hahnai was experiencing.

Fae had her own wonderful news to share, though she did not know if anyone would care. Neryth had proposed to her and she had gleefully accepted. They still had to speak to Vivieka, but Fae was confident blessings would be forthcoming. Sitting down at her desk she wrote a long letter. Addressing it to Shadow, she hoped the monk would help to breach the subject to the rest of them. Fae had no idea how they would respond.
The night seemed silent and so somber, as the two of them rested before a small campfire. The older Sin'dorei male had his arm around the younger female, trying to comfort her again after another series of nightmares had left her sleepless, and yet oh so tired.

Azmos had searched and wracked his brain seeking some sort of method to help alleviate Hahnai's nightmares. She was not only losing precious sleep and rest, but her weight was dangerously low. Nothing like the pretty bard with a lute he had met in Booty Bay.

He tried, Light he tried, then something told him there might be a way to find out what was the reasons for the the night terrors she was having, though he may have to tread that shadowy edge. Azmos shook his head, he was a holy priest, he did not use the dark side of his calling, at all. Yet, he could not help wonder if there was truly a way for him to help or heal Hahnai, why hesitate.

He would talk with Hahnai in the morning, and see what she thought. The priest found he had fallen in love with the young bard, and he could not bear to see her in such pain like this any longer. They would find a cure together, he had promised her that.
Neryth lay on his back, staring up into the stars, as his fiance snuggled close to him. His arm was around her, and she gave pleasant sounds as he pulled her closer to him. He turned his head to kiss the top of her forehead at the hairline, and whispered his love to her.

Winterspring. They were in Winterspring, and had just finished a few jobs and were getting things repaired, when Neryth started trying on various items of clothes. He sauntered about with hats, shirts, and various types of slacks, and posed for Pfaedra. She giggled at some, and felt it necessary to touch him when he found something worth keeping.

He wasn't quite sure how it had come about, somewhere between professing his love, and desire for the pretty mage; he proposed to her. She was so tickled and delighted. Of course he would still need to get permission from her aunt, but he would do anything to have Fae has his own.

However, Fae also told her of Hahnai, and the terrible nightmares and problems that were resulting from them. She had told Neryth that Azmos was searching for some sort of remedy, and cause, but had been unsuccessful. Neryth had given his support to whatever Fae could do to aid them. His heart went out to the older priest, he wasn't sure what he would do if Pfaedra was in the same predicament.
The crisp air of Winterspring howled outside the warm cabin where Pfaedra and Neryth slept. The fireplace was only glowing embers at the moment, but Fae knew she would have to get up soon. She was snuggled close to Neryth in their bed, unwilling to rise and leave his warmth behind. Moving her head she tried to see if his even breathing meant he was asleep or if he was awake and feigning sleep. He stirred slightly and mumbled something, though she could not make it out.

Using his movement to squirm out of the circle of his arms she only lifted the covers enough to slide her long slender legs from beneath the blankets. The air inside the cabin was not yet cold, but her slender form still felt the chill, as she tucked the covers around Neryth and then reached for her robe. It was a warm snuggly robe of soft white wool, made from the fur of the yeti they had slain. Wrapping it around herself she hurried to the fireplace to stir the embers and place another log on the fire. Adding a few bits of kindling to help it along, she gazed at the fire a moment and encouraged it with a flick of her magic.

Knowing the room would warm up quickly, she then moved to the other room and started making tea. The little stove in the kitchen was already packed with kindling and wood. Bless Neryth for doing that before he went to bed. Fae smiled as she gazed back towards the bedroom. She was a lucky woman to have such a fine man willing to wed her. "Light give us a long and happy life." she whispered a small prayer as she went about making an omelet. Finely chopped peppers and onions went into the pan of sizzling bacon grease.

The smell of frying bacon onions and peppers would wake him soon she knew. The biscuits were browning nicely and she took them out of the small oven and placed them in a woven basket lined with a linen towel. They would stay warm as she finished whipping the eggs and added them to the frying pan. One thing that Fae was proud of was her skill in cooking. Yes she could conjure up treats, but she still preferred to make things the old fashioned way.

The omelet turned out perfect as she added a bit of grated cheese to top it off. The biscuits and butter arranged on a tray as she got ready to take it into the bedroom. The teapot was full of fragrant tea and the honeypot was set next to it. Adding the cups and utensils to the tray she turned towards the bedroom wondering if he was awake yet?
The muscular paladin awoke slowly, enjoying the warmth of the bed and blankets, as he stretched. His hand touched that side of the bed where Fae would have been and he became alert, sitting up in the bed. He looked about the room, when he smelled the breakfast cooking, and Neryth smiled. He pulled his pillow up behind him, as he rested against the head of the bed.

As she stepped into the room, Neryth said a soft good morning to his bride-to-be. Bride, he thought, and she would be a pretty one. All dressed in white, and those beautiful teal colored eyes, looking out from beneath a veil of fine lace. She had captured his heart with those eyes, and a spirit that was fiery and shone like a shooting star in his world.

Her smiled beamed as she brought in a tray of food, and brought it towards the bed. Neryth offered to take the tray, and he held the tray up, as she slipped back into bed beside him. He would never get over having this young woman in love with him, and he counted himself very fortunate to have her love.

As he brought the tray down, he could see the breakfast she had taken the time and effort to fix for them. And he set the tray down carefully, turning towards Pfaedra, and kissing her lips tenderly. "Thank you, sweetheart, how thoughtful."

As he allowed her to pour them each a cup of tea, he took a very warm biscuit from out of the basket, buttered it thickly, and drizzled a little honey on it and placed it upon her plate. He took another and prepared one for himself, then placed it on his plate. He smelled the fragrant tea, and took the cup into his hand, it was hot. So he sipped it, then blew on it to cool it a bit.

"To what do I deserve such a lovely breakfast, my precious Fae?"
Light from the frosted window filtered through as dawn brought the sun to color the morning a soft pink. "It's going to be a beautiful day. I wanted to start it off with a good breakfast. And I hate to leave your side for even a moment." she replied softly as she removed the robe and slipped back under the covers. She did not feel guilty at all for sharing the bed with him. As far as she was concerned the commitment was there. The wedding was merely a formality she knew would take lots of planning.

Taking a fork she picked up a small bit of the omelet, fried onions, peppers and a bit of bacon covered in melted cheese. Her cupid's bow mouth quirked in a smile as she lifted it not to her face, but to his. Teal eyes dancing as she gave him the first taste of the breakfast. His smile lit up the morning for her as he took the bite and made humming sounds of delight.

The biscuit full of butter and honey on her plate looked tempting and she had to try it. "I never thought of honey on the biscuits! I was going to add it to your tea, but this is good!!" she took a bite of the biscuit and grinned as she licked her lips.

She had some important things to tell him, but there was plenty of time. The world continued to turn even as they shared their moment of intimate joy. Neryth was her knight, he was her protector and her friend. She wanted to show him she could be a good wife as well as a fantastic mage. Let the world go about its business, this moment in time was for her and Neryth.


Meanwhile out in the wilds of a remote jungle location, Hahnai restlessly tossed beside Azmos. Her eyes a sunken dark, her body shrinking in size day by day. They had found this old troll ruin and her dreams had been strangely unique. As if they had led Hahnai and Azmos here to this place and time. There was a clue here somewhere. A key to her recovery it might be. Or a relic they needed to find that would help her to hear the prophecy and discern it's meaning without destroying her body and soul.

Strolling through Shattrath had been a pleasant time for Hahnai. She felt relaxed and comfortable strolling with Azmos. The stopped at a troll vendor and found some amulets. They all sounded too good to be true. But she bought one anyway, just because she felt sorry for the refugees and their plight.
The Darkmoon Faire was a marvelous place. It inspired Zael to think of all the performers they had been collecting so far. She had Savaldra and Pfaedra to do magic tricks. She had Hahnai and Azmos to sing and entertain while the acrobats and animal trainers did their act.

Zael watched the Chieftans perform their songs and clapped along with the rest of them. Perhaps they could be persuaded to come and perform at the Cirque one day. Well she could dream about it anyway.

It was after the concert she noticed Savaldra acting very nervous. The poor timid mage was covered in bruises and Zael was concerned. It had been over a week and those bruises should have healed by now. Calling on their resident healer and all around powerful priest Azmos, Zael and the paladin Leon, known as the Restorer, managed to remove a curse from the young mage.

The resolved to hunt down this scoundrel of a magister and teach him a lesson!! Zael was looking forward to it, she did not think any woman should have to put up with abuse of any kind.
Hahnai and I set out searching Shattrath, seeking someone that may have been able to interpet dreams. We found no one there that could, but we have several trails to follow that may aid us.

I fear for Hahnai, she is becoming more and more of a mere shade of what she once was, her weight loss is shocking to say the least and the deep shadow around her eyes, I feel at a complete loss of what to do. I fortify her with spells to aid her, and I hold her close to me, to give her some sort of support. I picked her up to put her in bed, and she feels so light. Light help me help her, please.

Light, please...I love her, please help me save her.
The amulet she had purchased from the troll in Lower City promised to keep away Tikbalangs. Hahnai had no idea what a Tikbalang was, but she was sure from the trolls description it would not be a good idea to meet one. Her eyes danced merrily as Azmos reminded her that the troll was a salesman and the amulet was just a gimmick to make gold.

"Perhaps it is just a gimmick, but it is an interesting piece of jewelry. And if I help a troll to make some gold and he is supporting a family, then there is no harm in wearing it, right?" she chuckled. Little did she know this was the start of an interesting encounter with more trolls. And something else.

For some odd reason, wearing the amulet was helping. Perhaps it was psychological, all in her head, or something like that. The nightmares still came, but were easily banished by snuggling into Azmos' arms. She was not sure what was in store for them, but she knew she was becoming very fond of the deep voiced Azmos. It was clear to her he felt the same way.
Neryth snuggled close to Fae, unwilling to leave the warmth of the bed, or the closeness of Pfaedra. He smiled as she commented on the taste of honey on the biscuit. He leaned over the side of the bed, and dipped his finger just a tad into the honey.

He slid his finger down one side of her neck then down the other. She was complaining that she would be all sticky from the honey, when he began to lick and kiss her delicate neck where he had spread the honey.

As he did, he heard her complaints turn to low moans as he licked the sweet amber honey and nuzzled her neck. Fae's arms went around his head, as he finished and moved up to kiss her lips, the faint taste of honey on his lips.


Azmos held her in his arms, his mind seeking a possible answer. Hahnai seemed to be resting better now, and he pondered if the amulet she had purchased really had something to do with it or not.

They were searching ruins, where Hahnai seemed to being led, and he followed, ever ready with the Light and protective spells. However, as she slept, Az tenderly kissed Honi's soft cheek, and whisper in her ear his love for her.

He had stayed pure for the Light, abstaining from those things that might distract him from using the Light to its fullest potential. However, Az found his heart melting, and strict code failing him while he was in Pandaria.

Then he met a young bard in Booty Bay, and he lost his heart to her. They made sweet music with her lute and his recorder, the patrons enjoying their rythmns and melodies. They felt a kindred spirit in their music and so much more.

When the nightmares began she found solace in his arms, and he found a love he had never felt before.
Shuffling through the applications, Vivi Bloodtalon frowned slightly. "We have enough druids who can dance, we have a few magicians, we even have a paladin and a couple of priests. All of these are wonderful in their own way..but I need performers!! I need a Champion to issue challenges to all comers (pvp expert)...I need acrobats (monks), animal trainers (hunters), and carnies and tradesmen. (Any class as long as you like to rp)

Where is that troll? I need to get some activity here!!
The hot dusty air of the Barrens rose in waves of heat as Vivi floated above the battlefield. One more Commander lay dead on the grass. It had taken the combined efforts of a dozen or more of the rebels and even a few Alliance to kill him.

Wiping the dampness from her face with a clean cloth she surveyed the area. Yet more caravans needed to be diverted to the rebels. Slowly starving the orcs in their Fortress. This was not her idea of fun. She had lost friends already and stood to lose more.

With a sigh she patted the neck of her drake and guided him back to Mulgore. "I need a break, maybe we can get someone to start putting some acts together. I wonder if Zael is around. I will see if we can get at least a couple of singers to perform at the next Darkmoon Faire. Maybe we can attract more performers there."

The drake grumbled a deep reply, but it was lost in the wind as he turned and flapped his wings to head to Mulgore. Dragons were not very talkative.
The cable was thin, thinner than anything he had ever walked before. That blacksmith had done a fine job creating it. As he stepped out on the wire, for it really was just a wire, he tested the strength and tension, then slowly moved out onto it with all his weight. It did not bow, or drop, but remained stiff and easy to tread.

The leather shoes he wore were of his own design, created to allow his feet to walk the highwire without injury to his toes, or the pad of his feet. Tazvor drew to the middle of the wire with ease, and bounced on the wire a few times. It was perfect, just perfect. He walked quickly to the other side. Then he smiled, and turned around...

He was drunk, it was evident by the way he teetered on the small platform and looked out over the wire. As he bent to touch the wire he wobbled out a few steps and then jumped back to the stand, huddling the pole the wire was connected to solidly. He glared put over the wire, shaking his fist, as though it was the wire's fault for sending him out there.

He pulled out a large flask and took a big swig from it and wiped his mouth on the sleeve of an imaginary coat. As he went to set the flask down on the platform, he lost his balance and tottered and walked back on the wire. This time he was further out on the wire, and when he stopped, he turned towwards the crowd, and blinked in wonder.

His knees began to shake, and wobble, and his body to sway forward and backward. And suddenly he pitched forward. his hands went between his feet, and he went once, twice, and finally three times as he spun around the wire, ending with himself standing and swaying gently, and wiping his brow, and making an exaggerated "whew" movement.

Tazvor looked over at the big tauren who had been watching him, "What do you think, Jak?"

The tauren grinned, "I would love to see you do that between the rises of Thunder Bluff in Mulgore. That would be most impressive to be seen then."

"What a brilliant idea, Jakota!", the blood elf exclaimed. "I must go there and try it immediately!"

Another deep warm voice spoke up to the acrobat/monk up on the wire, a more rational one, "I think not, Taz." one of the healers told him, "Practice, practice, practice. And let Lady Vira handle the 'death defying' parts of the show. Shall we?"

"But, Az!", Tazvor pleaded.

"No buts." as the blood elf priest walked away.

The deep voice of the tauren asked quietly, "It was good, Taz. You got more to do with it?"

"The routine?," asked the monk, "Oh, you bet. The drunk on the highwire will be funny and exciting as well." Tazvor jumped down, grabbed the wire, looped de looped twice and landed a few feet from the Tauren. "Oh, yeah, a lot more."
Azmos was deep in thought as he walked the sun kissed beach near Silvermoon. The gentle lapping of the sea's waves were soothing the old Holy priest's nerves, as were the distant squawks of the seagulls as they sought their dinner beneath those waves. The smell of the salt water mixing with the grasses and scented woods nearby were also a balm to him. This was one of the many reasons he loved coming here, it soothed him.

He looked about and saw he was alone out here, and removed his hot robes, and boots. His skin was bronze colored, covered with a pelt of white fur. He had been embarassed to show this side of himself to anyone, Sin'dorei were not normally hirsute. Well, at least at first, however, Hahnai had shown him that it didn't matter to her, she liked the way the soft hair felt, and would rub her hands through it and over it.

Hahnai. Her name brought up warm and loving memories. He had almost fallen in love with her from the start, her singing voice was and is music to the ears, and the lute, well, it only emphized how good her voice truly was. As he spent more time with her, and grew to truly care and love her, he was concerned about the lute and whatever sway it held over her.

A'dal had given them an idea of what to seek out, and Az's pet, Gizmo, the celestial dragon held a key or map to where they must go. Azmos wanted to go then, to seek out and silence the voices that plagued her, and seemed to drain her of her very life's essence. And by the Light that he held dearly to, they would find that solution and relieve her of some of that burden.

He sat on the sand, allowing the sun to deepen the tan, and to relax him. He gazed out over the sea, and thought of Hahnai. She was and always would be so very special to him. He found acceptance and love in her arms. And he also learned of passion and desires. Oh, how she ignited those within him, and in his heart. He wished she were with him now, to embrace her, and to make wild passionate love here in the sands. He smiled, she would like that, and it was another reason for holding on to her. She completed him.

He stood and brushed the sand from his legs and picked up his things. Somehow thinking of Hahnai cleared his thoughts, allowing him to get back to living. She breathed life into him, whether she knew it or not. And life with her in it was worth living, as far as Az was concerned.

He called his hawkstrider and headed back to Silvermoon, stopping in the shade of some trees to put his robes and boots back on. As he thought of Hahnai, he smiled as he entered the Shepherd's Gate. Perhaps dinner was in order. He wanted to see her, to hold her, and refresh the love he had for her.
Sweat glistened on the muscular form bent over the forge as he worked with the nuggets of ore, and placed them into the forms to create bars. As he prepped one set of forms another waited in the fires, the ores now melted and refined for sale or to be pounded into weapons of death, or armor to prevent that death.

Today the ore would be used for something a little less destructive. He was making buckles. Yes, those simple little buckles that held up pants, and kept boots tight, buckles. Neryth didn't mind doing it at all. He found working for the circus more satisfying as an blacksmith. He had helped reinforce the wagon wheel of the main wagon, created a wire for that crazy acrobat Taz to work with, and made a few doodads that Azmos had asked him to make.

While he was a warrior, he found a certain peace in making simple things. It was his desire to one day be a village smithy, shoeing horses, and beating swords into plows. A simple man with a simple dream. However, the war did not seem to be concluding any day, and so he didn't get much time to do peace time work.

His face shone with the heat and fires as he dumped the ores into the crucible to be melted down. It was hot work, and he would be gritty and filthy after a hard day, but it gave him a deep satisfaction of work done, and done well. He banked the crucible for the night, enough to keep the ore from locking, and also did the same to the forge. He would need them ready first thing tomorrow.

He wiped his face on the shirt he had removed earlier in the day, then under his arms. He smiled as he thought a nice swim might cool him off. He sat on an old worn bench, and removed his boots. And strolled from the smithy to head to the local mudhole for a dip in the water.

There were several young ladies there with boyfriends, and a few turned their heads as he stepped to the edge of the pool. He smiled and waved, dropped his trousers, and dived into the cool water. It felt good, and he brushed his hands over his body trying to remove some of the grime and grit from his frame.

He would sleep well tonight, and he thought about his pretty fiancee, Phaedra. He hoped she would be around, so he could rest with her by his side. Somehow being close to her comforted the big man, and they both liked the closeness.

Neryth swam and chatted with the lads from the village for a while before dressing and heading to the small room in town he called home for now. He must have been tired, for as soon as his head hit the pillow on the bed, he was out. He dreamt of a pretty teal-eyed mage who loved him and would one day be his wife.
The tall Sindorei paced back and forth in her study. Things were not moving very fast and she needed to start some fires. Sitting down at her desk she penned a note to Neryth.


Dear Neryth,

I know you love my niece Pfaedra, she is a dear child and I have cared for her since she was a toddler. I applaud your timely completion of the task I set you. I have a few more for you. In time you will prove to me and her, that you are the love of her life and the perfect mate for her.

Here is your task:

I need you to recruit and train a team of five of the best. You will need some ranged help, a healer and possibly a scout. This team will be trained to work together. Their schedules must coincide with yours.

The team will be traveling to Northrend and seek out the artifacts and treasures of the North. I want to set up a museum and display of the wild animals of Azeroth. You will run into some dangers that you will need to prepare for diligently. You will all need the finest of armor and weapons.

Gather your friends, find others if you need. You have some already in the Cirque who may wish to join you. Use all their skills to best advantage.

I will support you however I can. This is important for the future of Cirque. Do not let us down.

Vivieka Dawnsinger
The paladin sat on a dust covered rock in the pallisades of an orc fortress. He read, then re-read the missive from Pfaedra's aunt. And crushed the letter in his hands. What did he need to do to prove his worth, to prove his love for this woman?! He looked up to glance at Fae, her teal colored eyes watching him with interest.

"What is it, my love?"

Neryth loosened his grip, and handed his fiance the letter Vivieka had written to him. "She wants me to pull a party together of great skills and talents." Neryth stood up, and looked out over the haze that covered the battleground outside the walls. "She pushes me, and thinks I will break over these 'tasks' she set for me." His voice is tense, and hard. "She has no idea of how much I love you, Pfaedra. No idea at all."

He moved to stand beside the woman he loved, "I hope I can count on your help in this, darling. That makes two, if so. Three more to go."

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