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Was playing Role Play and a few people really liked these ideas and thought it would be fun to play them.

Bane of the Guardians is a set of zones dealing with the Dragon Realms. I am just going to explain Bronze real quick. I have a story for all of them too but I am just going to explain Bronze. :)

It has been several years after the events of End Time. Several years since the brave members of each faction journeyed deep into the caves of time and stopped the devious plans of the infinite dragons. Since then the bronze dragon flight has worked on repairing the damage caused to their home and mending the threads of time.
The gates, yet again, were sealed. Until now.

Rumors have spread of bedlam that has once again erupted within the caverns.

Shades from times long ago have been stirred. A new force has emerged, something from deep down or from many ages past. This force seeps into the caverns wreaking havoc amongst the time keepers, defiling the once proud home of the Bronze.

The caverns themselves are treacherous now. Frightening images of the past have made the caverns impossible to navigate. These creatures have all but chased the Bronze Dragon flight out of their home. Rumor has it these Dragons sit atop the sands of Tanaris plotting the next move to reclaim their beloved home world.

First zone in CoT --- (((Path of the Damned))) Help the Cult of the Damned in plaguing Lorderon. Basically you will assassinate important figures, kill traitors, break people out of jail, and raise the dead. I will submit story to elaborate on it. Only this part of the CoT idea, I don't want to submit the whole idea as I think it will just be too much. This zone is centered in old Plague lands(Before they were the plague lands and before the events of WC III) but there are caves all around that will lead to small areas of the Eastern Kingdoms. For example, there may be a cave south of Scholomance that leads directly to Dalaran. There you can only journey to certain parts of the city. So not all of the Eastern Kingdoms would be open( of course it couldn't be its way to much)

Second zone in CoT --- As you move further into the caverns of time, after the events of "Path of the Damned" you will work the the Bronze in attacking the shades from the past and moving deeper into the source of the corruption. This zone is a faction war. Each faction will do quests on important key points in Alliance / Horde history and try to alter it for your faction directly against what the Bronze told you to do. At first you do these quests in secret but then they become more and more overt enraging the Bronze. Eventually, after one of the most powerful Bronze dragons is killed by your Faction's General, you decide to make a pact with the other faction to kill these generals and prevent the Bronze from being destroyed. This zone looks like a giant underground highway with lots of cliffs jutting out of the sand and smaller caves all about leading to the sections of time your quests will be in.

Third zone in CoT --- The source of the corruption. Have a few ideas for this but I would need to elaborate on them... A mysterious alliance exists within the caverns that sets out to help you and the remaining Bronze. They take you directly to the source. Meanwhile the upper caverns are completely taken over by the corruption again. You go into hiding attacking the source of corruption from a place of secret inside of the caverns.
Part 2 Continued PATH OF THE DAMNED
His presence is massive and bruiting in his draconic form as he looks over the army of alliance/horde. He hesitates, staring off into the caverns. Deep in his mind he is bothered of the new invaders. His head shifts and he moves his focus toward the eager forces of both the Alliance and the Horde. He hesitates, slowly opening his massive jaw and softly speaks. “Very well, there may be a part for you to play. But realize this. Our command reigns supreme here. Keep the petty tirade between your factions out of our home. We will not allow any of you to stray in these caverns.
We will … be watching you…
If you understand this, speak with Chronalmas.
Andormu! Prepare these mortals for the first phase! Bronze! My brethren! Brace yourselves. The first push of our campaign begins!”

A much smaller dragon flies upward out of the crowds of other dragons and begins to shout, “I am Chronalmas of the Bronze Dragon Flight. All mortals speak to me. I will gather all that you need to aid us.”
Upon talking to her
“I cannot believe Temporos is content with mortals aiding. This is not typical for him. Very well… Put this on.”
You put the clothes on and something strange happens. You are a human warrior dressed in Lorderon memorabilia. You see armies of the bronze dragon flight turning into human soldiers.
Something has begun, you don’t know what, but you know it is something big.

You begin to move with the forces, but you are still confused as to just what is going on. So many questions are still unanswered. If not the infinite, then what is attacking the Caverns? If the Bronze Dragon Flight didn’t send for you, who did? Why would general (Foul Alliance/ Horde General) be sent here, one of the most ruthless, stubborn, pig-headed generals in all the Alliance. And … why are the dragons all in human form and decorated with Lorderon sigils? Whatever is going on here is unclear, but the answers to these questions can only be found deeper in the caverns.

You follow the Dragons as they move in human form. The orcs and all such other races sent to aid the Bronze have changed to humans as well due the magic of the uniforms handed out. You all march forth into reaches of the caverns you have never seen before. So it begins.

The caves begin to go upward. You continue going up out of the caverns and into a deep purple fog. Everything is hard to see but you feel grass beneath your feet. As you move forward with the platoons of dragons and mortals, the fog fades and a bright sun begins to shine. This is not Tanaris. You are in the middle of a wide spanning field, gold, with mountains all about. These are the fields of the Arathi highlands, but not where, when.
Standing around you is the Bronze and all of their allies, magically altered to look just like the humans of Lorderon. You travel some distance through the fields of Arathi and finally you see a massive army rallying. There a great booming voice greets you and the rest. “Welcome my brothers. Prepare yourselves. Our mission will commence soon”. You all gather in front of a speaker and a new army not seen in the caverns. “Come forth all brave members of the Alliance. Our time is now!” Upon closer inspection you realize the speaker is none other than the great Lothar. And the forces? They are the forces of the Alliance during the second war.
“Is everything ready? Then let us begin!” says Lothar as he readies his speech.
“We are prepared! We are prepared to protect our home from these monsters of the gate! Now is the time! Ready your swords and move into their legions without hesitation. Cleave through their forces with an unwavering will! We will show these… orcs… the might of Lorderon, the might of justice!”

As Lothar speaks, you notice up in the sky a disgusting, sickly looking dragon. This is not a dragon of the opposing orcs, for it is of a bronze color. Everything becomes clear. Your purpose is to protect Lorderon from the invasion of the orcs. You stand amongst brave heroes long dead. You fight side by side with warriors from legend.
The crowds roar and they begin to move. You realize you must join in the fight so you follow them in.

Description - You do some quests here, simple gathering, killing orc warriors, you aren’t here for very long. You move across Arathi relatively quick and never get full access to it. Leaving the quest areas results in heavy fog of war. The last battle is when this part of the zone, “Rise of the Damned” truly begins. In this time Chronormu of the bronze dragon flight introduces you to some friends, each of them fairly average warriors. This group of friends will be crucial to the lore and will all be NPCs. They are NPCs you will interact with for the rest of “The Path of the Damned”
The last part of the battle begins once you meet this group of friends. (This place has like 5-10 quests)
-Back to the Story-
Last phase of battle scene-

You hear the echoes of war but as you charge a deep purple haze surrounds you and your group of new friends. It grows deeper and deeper. Out of the fog Temporos stands in his human form and attacks you and your party. Other members of the bronze dragon flight do the same. You are completely outmatched and despite fighting you notice many of your powers have gone. Easily they destroy you and your friends and without uttering even a single word.
The purple haze lifts and you lay on the battlefield broken and beaten. Temporos and his party moves on to help the forces of Lorderon. Your vision fades and you pass out. The last thing you hear; the beating of the drums and the stomping of the Calvary.
You wake up in a linen bed. The room is long and there are many beds filled with soldiers from the war; many of them torn and maimed, but alive. You get up realizing that your wounds are fully healed. The medical staff is busy and stressed moving hastily about trying to heal those in the worst of shape. You go to a woman, a medical examiner, and ask where to go. She has no answers and turns you to the street now that you are fully healed. As you move out of the building a young woman approaches in an outfit that displays she is a medic. She whispers, “You will find your friends in Market Row.” She quickly hovers away into the medical wing helping other soldiers. You wonder how she knew this. As you turn to follow her you are taken out of the building by other medical staff.

You search around Market Row and finally find them. You also find out you are in Stratholme and you are dirt poor. Here you are, stuck in the past, homeless and broken.

Description - The quests here are primarily stealing food and petty crimes. While you try to survive as a homeless veteran you try to figure out a way back to the present but you fear you will forever be lost in time. The Bronze Dragon flight disappears all together and you hear and see nothing from them for days. Trapped in the past you weigh your options... (Like 5-10 quests in this zone ending with this next part) The gates to Stratholme are locked until the final quest so it’s impossible to leave until all these quests are done.

While you do your quests a man comes out of an alley. “Hello my friend do you have a minute?”
You walk over to him. He says, “I am going to guess you are a poor bloke like me. After all you did try to steal that bread back there. What’s your story brother?” You tell him how you fought in the war and how you were just booted to the streets being careful not to mention the true story.
“It’s wrong that we have to steal to get by isn’t it? And it’s all because of the noble hogs. Listen brother, a group of people like us is meeting south of Stratholme tonight. We are looking to get as many people as we can. We are going to have some really great speakers there, really inspirational people. I hope to see you there my friend.” He gives you a pamphlet. After handing it to you he scurries off into the shadows just as quick as he had appeared.
“For too long the citizens of Lorderon have been oppressed by the tyranny of the aristocrats. It is time to rise. It is time to make a change. Seek us out south of Stratholme. We will be the damned no more”, the pamphlet reads.
You bring this back to your friends and tell them how you almost got caught for stealing. They all get riled and rant about how horrible things are now. They go on ranting until you mention the pamphlet. “Well, we have to go you know? This is exactly what we were talking about”, says one of your friends. Unanimously you all make the decision. At night you will leave Stratholme and find the meeting place of this rebellion.
You enter a small Inn in the woods south of Stratholme. There are many different types of low class individuals there, many of them veterans and peasants. Most of them look dirt poor. They all cheer a big fat man on a table. His voice booms over the crowd. It is a speech of hate toward the higher ups, a cry for change. The people are ecstatic and warm. Not one person in the crowd is unwelcomed and a feeling of belonging overwhelms you. As you enjoy the festivities with your friends you see Chromie from the bronze dragon flight in her gnomish form. She walks around in the back pacing, worried about something. She abruptly turns and moves for the stairs. You move toward her as she ascends the stairway of this small pub.
You catch up to her on the second floor. “What is going on!? Why have you left me here?!” You shout at her. She turns and speaks softly. “I am so sorry but this is all part of the plan. Please, be ready to run. All will be clear soon.” She walks away as if bothered by something. You walk after her but two very strong fellows push you back out of the doorway she goes through. They must be dragonkin in disguise.
You walk back down into the party and begin to mingle once more. You are moving about the party when you hear noises from outside. You take a peek out of the door and see the forces of Stratholme making their way to the pub.
“The guards are coming!!!” announces someone. Panic ensues.
A force of Stratholme makes their way into the pub and the commander, a portly black haired fellow begins to call out.
“By section B of the Stratholme codes, this assembly is illegal. Who is in charge of this organization?” He calls out.
“I am!” begins the big fat fellow, “and we have done nothing wrong!”
“This is an assembly that affects the peace and harmony of the system of Lorderon. We have learned about this gathering, we have learned your purpose and it I would advise you to come peacefully and give us the truth. The punishment for such an assembly… is death.”
“RISE UP PEOPLE OF LORDERON!! DON’T BE THE PAWNS OF TYRANNY!” the speaker yells out in his booming voice. As he wails the guards drag him out of the pub.
“Treason! Arrest them all. Kill any that resist! Peasants, I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. Over the past few months these ‘assemblies’ have occurred more and more frequently. No more. Remain calm and we will decide what is to be done with you all.” He yells. But the people do not listen and instead go into an uproar. Guards begin attacking the crowd. The crowd pushes back and flees into the night.
“Come on!” says one of your friends. You run out of the pub and see the dead body of the speaker on the ground. The guards begin to chase after you and your friends. You see the pub behind you on fire and the screams of all that were inside as they run to take cover.
Several guards overtake you and your friends. You feel that you have your powers back now and you begin to use them on the guards. You save your friends. The last part of the night is when you talk to one of your friends. You are in the woods and you have escaped. Your friends remind you that the speaker mentioned Andorhal. This is where he said all rebels should go. They talk about journeying there. You all agree and the screen goes black.

-Description- After finishing this quest you appear in the town of Andorhal with your friends. They bring you to a small warehouse on the outskirts of town. You enter the warehouse and find a crowd of people there. In the middle of the crowd a group of guards is stripped naked, beaten and tied up. It is a dark scene. Other peasants meet you and cheer. The atmosphere is again… warm and pleasant, at least between the peasants. Suddenly the whole crowd goes silent. A great figure walks on to the stage. It is Temporos and your fists tighten with rage. Behind him another figure comes up and moves to center stage to speak.
Horrified, you realize who it is and the reality of what your true mission here is. Standing next to Temporos is Kel’Thuzad.
You must battle your conscious as you aid the Cult of the Damned in bringing chaos to Lorderon. You will burn buildings, assassinate aristocrats, kill traitors and of course spread the plague of undeath. All this in an attempt to bring about one of the most cataclysmic events in the history of Azeroth; the summoning of the Burning Legion. Whatever is attacking the caverns will constantly work to expose Scholomance and the cult, but you must defeat them in a game of wits.

Quest Ideas

****At the end of this quest chain, the dark forces of time, unsuccessful in getting the army of Lorderon to attack Caer Darrow, will get a neighboring city state to bring their army in. You must defend Scholomance at all costs eventually killing the leader of the first assault on the caverns.

****First Quest – Find the Barovs and introduce them to Kel-Thuzad. The cult of the damned needs a more secluded base of operations.

****Test the Plague - A small enclave of humans have barricaded themselves in a small town. Use a new device, the meat wagon, to send the plague over the walls and infect them from the skies. Report your findings to Kel’Thuzad in Scholomance.

****Use the small cavern by the lake in order to go back in time and find out what happened to the fragment of rune stone crucial to the crypts of Scholomance.

****Travel to Lorderon and kill Senator Briggs.

****Rescue your friend and the notorious criminal from the prisons of Stratholme in a massive jailbreak.

****Plague the shipments of grain leaving Brill and make sure they get to their destination.

****Travel to Brightgrove warehouse and see the newest weapon of the Cult. (Abomination)
This is lore-breaking. Nozdormu bound all the timelines around Dragon Soul. Since Deathwing fell, there is no longer an End Time in ANY of the timelines. So that right there is kaput.

Moreover, the Cult of the Damned is also FTMP suppressed because Bolvar took the Helm and is now the Jailor of the Damned.

Arthas also failed to raise any bronze dragons. He only managed to raise blue (Frostbrood Vanquishers, I believe) and black (Magma Wyrms).
Not sure how this is lore breaking.
I don't know what Arthas raising bronze dragons has to do with this story, could you point out where you saw that so I could further elaborate. Clearly there must be a misunderstanding. Also this is occurring in the past so Bolvar being the Jailor of the Damned has no merit in this story. In fact in this story Kel'Thuzad is still alive.

As for Nozdormu that is what I was talking about when I said they were repairing the damage done. The infinite is not the cause of the problem in this idea. Nor is End Time significant in this idea at all. I just felt I needed to mention that it happened. What is effecting the caverns in this story is something completely different.

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