Arcane/Fel Magic + Mage/Warlock Questions?

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Warlocks are former arcanists, or in the case of the orcs, former shamans, who, in pursuit of ever-greater sources of power, have cast off their studies of the arcane or nature magics to delve deeper into the darker, fel-based magic of shadow.

Note what's in bold. Do they do that strictly for power and/or to satisfy their arcane addiction (a mage who says screw it I love the way arcane magic feels thus I'm going all in for fel magic)? Or could the warlock I RP be more of a "magical scientist/knowledge seeker" who decided to study/use Fel magic because he saw a more powerful and efficient source of magic that not a lot is known about? Someone who could have been apart of the Kirin Tor as a magical researcher but didn't feel a need to conform to conventional wisdom, thus studied Fel in pursuit of more knowledge. All in all I simply don't want my warlock to be some power hungry !@# who couldn't get his fix off arcane so turned to Fel. I want him to be of at least neutral character and studying Fel for a more upstanding reason.

Thanks in advance.
Your take on it isn't one I've heard before, but it makes sense and it isn't the first time I've heard of the warlock's path being justified for a reason other than selfish power. It can be to "fight fire with fire" against the Burning Legion, for example, where having that strength and knowledge is construed as a selfless thing (similar to your own example).

That being said, I wouldn't have your character make his choices quite as lightly as your example made it sound (not that I'm assuming they are the same, but I wanted to bring this up to be safe and hopefully constructive).

Fel magic powerful and efficient perhaps, but still costly and often permanent in its environmental effects. It's not known about in the mainstream, though he likely would suspect there are warlock communities underground. And it would be more than just conforming; it would be opposing major ethical boundaries set in place by the Kirin Tor, followed by creating a new social boundary between himself and his colleagues, either by covering what he is doing with deceit or provoking a response from their authorities to exile him.

And I say all this not to discourage you, but to encourage using these things somehow in your character's story and motivation. If he is indeed willing to pay those costs, more power to you (both)!
Everyone has their own reasons as to why they want power. Some people surely could go down the warlock path with good intentions. But, road to hell, good intentions, et cetera.

Your character would still be wielding demonic power, and it has it's own siren song to lure you deeper into the craft. Your character would need to be very strong of mind to resist it, all the while handling the social stigma that being a warlock brings (unless of course, you're in silvermoon or undercity).

You absolutely don't have to be a moustache twirling villain, but if you plan to be a 'good' warlock, it's good to keep in mind the whole fel energy corruption thing. Could end up with quite an interesting character out of it. :)
I find it interesting that people roll a warlock and expect to be a "good" character. I agree with Seyl in that you might have good intentions, but trying to convince anyone of that when you have a demon by your side or can cast such things as curses and corruption to be very difficult. Not impossible of course.

It might be similar to the idea of the witches in Salem. Some were feared, some were persecuted and a lot died for such innocuous things as predicting the weather accurately. But very few accepted them as they were, ordinary people who tried to worship their own way.

I suggest you approach the rp as a researcher who is studying the art of magic in an above board way, but the exact nature of their studies can be private. The only ones who know your true study will be others in the same field. Close friends and relatives can be included if they accept your craft as a means to an end and not the whole power trip of gathering power for power's sake.
My Warlock is not a good person but she is also not a power-hungry demon fanatic. She'll use fel and shadow magic for the added power and knowledge but she sort of has the philosophy of the Wizards at 'Unseen University' concerning it, it's power for the sake of having it and not having to use it. She keeps pushing the boundaries of knowledge but there's hardly a situation where she uses it because she figures that the reason most of the famous warlocks are dead is because they didn't know anything about moderation. So she is more likely to use a dagger or a pit-fall to handle rivals or foes unless she really has to whip out the magic.
My warlock isn't evil or power hungry, but he does have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a well-developed tendency towards schadenfreude.

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