A Few Questions about Shadow PVE

I've been a fairly casual player until recently. My guild has been progressing and I've started to take my role in raids much more seriously. That being said, I'm a little confused by some advice being offered to me by other shadow priests.

1) I have Unerring Vision. When it procs and I refresh my DoTs, will the full duration be critical strikes?

2) Now that I do have UVOLS, do I stop building crit altogether? Or will I still prefer it over mastery?

3) For a lot of ToT content, there are many adds. Should I take Twisted Fate or Divine Insight? If I take Divine Insight, should I interrupt Insanity to cast MB, or cast Insanity for the full duration regardless?

That's all I need to know. Thank you in advance. :)
howtopriest.com is an awesome priest site for all your priesting needs regardless of the spec. Go visit, no one will bite :)

That said I'll try to offer some insight on your questions.

1. As far as I understand yes. (also jelly about any version of the trinket, want one to play with it!)

2. Yes, Unerring changes your stat priority to haste>mastery>crit (info also found on shadow sticky right on this forum)

3. You should be changing your talents depending on the fight. On fights like Horridon or Primordius where you have a bunch of adds I prefer twist of fate. Fights with lots of movement I tend to go for DI (though DI is also nice for say council since you can comfortably multidot everything and get loads of procs). But I would say my default choice of the 3 is Power Infusion. I only opt for the other 2 under special circumstances. Also yes, you do interrupt insanity for shadow orb generators. Which means MB, proc of DI and under 20% first application of Shadow Word: Death.

Again, I recommend visiting howtopriest.com and checking it out. The shadow section has discussion threads for all difficulties on all fights on what talents people have found useful.

Hope this helped a bit and happy shadowpriesting!

edit: forgot to answer instanity question!
I guess I have a question about DoTs in general then. Do I reset them after DPS boosts such as Power Infusion and Jin'Rokh's pools? Or will the bonus be inherited on existing DoTs?
Buffs and debuffs on the boss will update dynamically, that is they will change as the buffs and debuffs are gained or lost.

Buffs and debuffs on you will not and you will have to reapply dots to gain the benefit of whatever is currently on you.
A few things:

UVLS's crit duration is locked to the base duration of the spell (18 seconds for SWP, 15 seconds for VT). After that time, the 100% crit chance of your DoTs returns to whatever is on your stat sheet. However, the beauty of UVLS is that it will cause a massive amount of Shadowy Apparitions to spawn and greatly increase the chance that your DoT duration will extend. It is not abnormal to have a single proc of UVLS on a single-target fight extend DoTs on the pull to 30 secs or more.

(In 5.2, the tier piece was broken such that haste values were also being reset as soon as a shadowy apparition proc'd a DoT extension but that has been fixed in 5.3.)

You should not recast DoTs for a single buff or weak buff like Jade Spirit. It usually isn't worth it to recast DoTs for haste procs unless it's something insane like bloodlust + LMG + something else if you're already in the middle of a flay-insanity. You have to consider the fact that your flay-insanity will be hasted and buffed and you're likely to get more out of continuing it than spending the GCDs on refreshing DoTs.

You should also not recast DoTs if you have "very extended DoTs" (VEDs) that are, say, 40+ seconds, which is entirely possible with UVLS on Horridon or Primordius given the multi-to-single-target nature of those fights. The damage you gain from simply saving those globals that would have been spent recasting SWP and VT and instead maximizing flay and flay-insanity uptime will outweigh the temporary buffs your DoTs might gain by recasting them.

Always interrupt flay/flay-insanity/everything for orb generators. The only exception to this is if you get a UVLS proc and don't already have VEDs: You want to SWP as many mobs as possible and, if you're lucky enough to have a 3-orb DP ready to cast or a chance to sneak a fully-crit-laden Flay-Insanity in, then be sure to sit back and smoke a cigar while cackling maniacally.

The guidelines get a bit gray when you're talking about VEDs and a UVLS proc, but thankfully the awesomesauce that is HowToPriest.com is having that discussion right now.

As for talents, I've had much better luck with DI or ToF (horridon, primoridius, council, tortos) than PI. Many fights require a lot of movement and finding a full 20 secs to plant and burn through PI is rare, so you're going to lose the full benefit of the talent much of the time. PI is really strong on fights like Jin Rok once a pool spawns or no-nest-feather-food-grabbing Ji Kun since you can afford that time to turret in those fights.

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