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I'm sure this gets a bit old having this question asked over and over again, but I was curious what you guys think of Inscription vs. Engineering. Do the immediate epic items from Inscription out weight the "quality of life" bonus with Engineering? Are the profit gains just too good to past up? Thanks for your input.
Personally I like inscription for the constant buff from the better shoulder enchant than the proc on command eng enchants. But if this is an alt, take both and have another toon farm mats. Heck, with the Sunsong Ranch you can farm metal and herbs without having a gathering skill. My moonkin is Enchant/Gnome Eng and I love it.
I used to have Eng, and I honestly went Inscription later. I personally like the items you can make, plus the gold from selling herbs/pigments/inks/glyphs/misc items. The shoulder inscription is always nice as well. Altogether, I also just find Inscription more 'fun' than Engineering.

If you really can't decide which to pick, do what I did on my Paladin and take two crafting profs, and have an alt do your gathering. I have Ench/JC on her and I have other toons feed me materials. (And I guilt my boyfriend out of all his ores :3)

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