why was DI removed?

I just thought it was funny to randomly DI people back in the day

Hahaha yeah, if you got into a bad group with a cocky tank.. I'd DI him in a fight then bubble hearth out and let them wipe lol..

Maybe that's why it was removed....


Not every group had a lock. I'm talking back in Vanilla and BC doing 5 mans. I'd never do it to my guild's raid and never had pug raids back then.
I was asking because you bubbled hearthed out. DI kills ya. Bop maybe?
I remember seeing a Ghostcrawler post somewhere back before Cata that DI became buggy and they pulled it. I'm pretty sure they tried to bring it back before MoP but it was taking too long to work out the bugs and he said something along the lines that the time could be better spent on working on other things.
i think it got removed because aliance now has shamans. In van, horde only had shamans, and aliance had pallys. shaman had anak, pally had DI, and of corse locs had ss. 2 let you die, and self rez, 1 saved you from dieing.
I figured DI would eventualy get removed when rogues vanish stoped working on boss encounters unless you were the last 1 standing, and even then, it didint always work. This was the change they made were every1 in the instance was put into combat once the boss encounter was started. That 1 simple change, was drastic, and had a lot of effects on the game, including paving the path to get rid of DI

and also fyi, back in the day, you had a 2 minutes to accept a rez. it wasnt uncommon for a druid to toss a battle rez to a healer or some one that could rez right befor they died, and the healer/rezer would accept it after the boss reset.

Your grammar made that incredibly hard to understand.

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