Need A New Home...

Emerald Dream
... For my freshly dinged Belf DK. All my experience with her is in Blood-tanking progression raiding (Wrath & Cata), but I'm willing and able to go Frost or Unholy for PvP. I'm looking for a group with enough members that no matter what time I get on, there's people around to do something with.

Anyone want me? I'm fun as hell to hang out with. ;)
<Warsong Battalion>
<Warsong Battalion>

That gif is dumb. Girls dont pee from there wtf
that is sunshine my friend.....sunshine
Dragonmaw Vanguard is fairly active and 100% drama-free. And awesome. And we don't hate on elves. Much.

Put in an app at, won't you?!?!?!
Aw, WSB wants me even though I don't have full Tyran? This fills me with glee for some reason.

And yus, hoohas are full of sunshine. Though every time I see you, Milky, I think of burritos.
Burritos =/= sunshine
I'd rather have burritos on a cloudy day anyhoo.
I can't and won't argue with that.

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