Please tell me I'm not the only one

I am a demonology warlock that is 100% obsessed with Transmogrification. Naturally, with the introduction of the glyph of Felguard, this has only increased my obsession. Besides farming for gear for myself I find myself actively searching out 2handed weapons for my Fel/Wrathguard. So much to the point that I have entire bank slots full of weapons I cannot use... including the mighty Sulfuras. It does do wonders as a conversation starter at least.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this, so I feel less insane D:
My lock has several polarms hanging out in his bags just for this. Not quite to the extent you have but yeah the primary bag is pretty much filled with 2handers.
I have a bank full of good looking gear I've been collecting before transmog came out (or even announced), so I was right as rain when it did. The only thing I was missing was things for the felguard, but I don't use him really.

Good playing on a roleplay server. ;)
Dude, I spent weeks farming up double Armageddon (25 Naxx, 4 Horsemen) for my Wrathguard. I also voice my desire to get current raid items he could possibly use. I'm not an RPer, but I love giving Arax-Barash awesome weapons. Sure would love to give him Sulfuras too!
My felguard is currently carrying the polearm from Deathwing. It looks demon like and I get a lot of people that look twice and are like. Is that the axe your felguard always carries
Nope, I do it all the time. In fact, the other Demo lock in my guild whom I look up to, and myself, both compete with that glyph. We always try to one-up another by finding a new weapon that each other wants. I was winning for awhile with Black Ice until he got Ashkandi from BWL.
Anyone else notice this Glyph not working with a Wrathguard since the patch was released?
My guard has the fire kitty staff and it actually turns into a fire kitty!!!

I haven't gotten to this point yet, but I do have an Elementium Poleaxe that my warrior made for him. It was simply to match my own Staff of the Left Hand Path. I'm on the verge of going farming specifically for Shaafara, however. He needs his weapons. >:D
Farm a Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. You may not be able to transmog legendaries, but your felguard certainly can.

I wish warlocks could do the shadowmourne questline :P
Anyone else notice this Glyph not working with a Wrathguard since the patch was released?

Still works for me.

I'm not obsessed with hunting down 2handers for my Wrathguard, but very often something would drop and no one wants it, so I let my Wrathguard to make good use of it.

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