Back to WoW again

I know there are millions of these posts, but I just got to wow after a break as I was adjusting to life in college. I left about two weeks before 5.2 and have just come back all I need to know is the following:

- Is PvE Ret fairly similar to when i left, such as stat priorities and rotation

- How much gear am i going to need to catch up?

- How is holy in PvP?

Thanks is advanced to anyone who replies, and just assume I knew my !@#$ about ret PvE before I left haha.

Still safe following 2550 Hit > 2550 Exp > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Haste gems pass str at certain thresholds ( best off simming, was around 485 for me )

"Rotation" changes are minor with the T15 4set, but it's simple buff management. Just burn the proc before using CS again. May result in slightly less TV use over the course of the fight, but it's a damage increase nonetheless.

As far as 5.2, we were approximately middle of the pack, a little worse or better on some fights in ToT. Not a whole lot of data to look at yet, but I think it's safe to say that we are above middle in 5.3

Sticky should be fairly updated to answer any of these questions.
Thanks man I really appreciate it, I only wish WoW, like, stopped when I have to stop playing for a while haha, i'm sick of playing catch up.
The drop rate in t14 LFRs was dramatically increased with 5.2, and old valor gear lot a lot cheaper, so getting into t15 should be pretty straightforward. I see that you're close to the 480 minimum already.

We've gotten some decent buffs since you left, but the spec still gears and plays pretty much the same way, you'll just have bigger numbers than before :)
OH sweet sounds easy enough to get back into, and you know how i like me them big numbers. Haha thanks again.

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