[Help] Ret rotation and priority

Hi guys,
I quit WoW for more than 1 year during Cata and just got back into MoP 3 weeks ago so I kinda forget about the rotation and priority of Ret.I mainly did questing and dungeon grind for leveling.

Then I tried doing arena 2's and suck big time... now they add 2 more hp and Hand of Prism which makes me sometimes confused about the roration.

Here's mine: I start with Judgement to get 70% bonus ms, exorcism, call the Guardian when reach the target in melee, crusader strike, inquisition at 3hp, Judgement again to build up selfless healer stacks, then I pop my wings + trinket + Holy Avenger and my problem starts: Im confused with the holy power and not sure what to do next.

Please correct me for my rotation above. I consider to try CLC Ret addon for maximizing my dps but not sure Im used to it since I tried it during Cata and delete it few hours later.

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