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So according to Icy-Veins a frost DK should never use blood boil (in regards to the tier 1 talent choice) which doesn't make sense to me since Pestilence and Blood Boil both use a Blood Rune/Death Rune. So are frost DKs not supposed to spread their diseases at all or only when they use Unholy Blight if they chose the talent?
Death Runes can be used for Howling Blast that far surpasses Blood Boil and definitely beats our weak blood plagues. For Frost there no such thing as a blood rune.
you can choose to use Blood Boil on Horridon and Tortos if you want.

It basicly serves as a AoE Plague Strike on those 2 encounters for convenience.
So basically diseases are kind of moot for frost?
So basically diseases are kind of moot for frost?

Not at all.

Obliterate will hit 12.5% harder for each disease on your target, so a target with both frost fever and blood plague on it will result in Obliterates that do 25% more damage than normal. Even if blood plague doesn't tick for very much in comparison to frost fever you still want to maintain it.
His question was in relation to aoe is all. I was simply pointing out that Blood Boil it'self does so little you wouldn't want to use it. It costs you a HB. Truthfully it also depends on the situation. Like if the mob is up long enough for the disease to tic. If it's dead in a few seconds you'd have been better off to just HB spam. In the case of Doomguard's examples it's more a normal thing. Adds are rarely up long enough to really benefit. For example if I do my job right on Tortos on even normal the Blood Plague won't be even getting much of a chance to tic so will I have been better off just using a HB? That is what you have to ask yourself.

Furthermore Unholy Blight is another option for aoe DoT's on demand that doesn't cost us a death rune.
My biggest issue with Unholy blight is its such a long cool down relatively you'd only be able to use it every other mob or more depending. So if i were to take that would i not bother spreading diseases to the other trash and just apply diseases single target as i attack them? since pestilence/blood boil(rolling blood) is a waste of a death rune?

Or are you guys only talking about end game raid bosses strictly? since yah i wouldn't bother with blood boil on a Raid boss i'm talking in the scope of adds and trash.
Think of it like this. Your blood plague tics for say 10-12k non crit every 3 seconds. It does not tic faster based on your haste. So depending on the amount of adds up and their overall life span it can be worth it to spread it. In many other cases it may not. It's about damage vs. life span so would need about 10 + mobs tic'n in that one global to equal what HB would have done just to your primary target not including the splash damage from him. Meanwhile if the adds are much longer then it's possibly worth it. Now your choice is which to talent? I'd just not suggest roiling blood by nature. Because if you use it to promote using Blood Boil in many situations it's a dps loss. The specific raid bosses mentioned would have you benefiting because they are up long term.

Meanwhile like the average trash pull in a 5man They might be dead in the time it takes me to do 4 howling blasts which would have net me more overall return than blood boiling followed by the delay before it finally tics just once before they're dead.


To further point out what I'm getting at. Lets use these somewhat realistic single target values.

75k for HB

10k Blood Plague tics.

What this would mean is needing about 7-8 tics of blood plague to add up to the damage of that single global. So 21-24 seconds worth of tics. Now as the packs increase in numbers it's value can go up sure. But they still need to tic. The first won't be a little bit and you will want them to cook. If they're dead in 5 seconds then it's far lower dps while lasting 7 seconds the damage is doubled. it's a numbers game.

btw keep in mind to that the first tics from the disease spreads be it blood boil or pestilence will not land for another 3 seconds. There are times where it's worth it and times where it's not. That you'd have been better off just using a plague strike instead of spending the death rune.
Ok thanks for taking the time to break this down for me. it makes more sense to me like this since i wasn't thinking about lifetime vs damage.
I would suggest using roiling blood on AoE'ing A lot of trash mobs or raid bosses that promote AoE damage ONLY if you're good with reapplying diseases on your initial target when it's about a good 2-3 seconds off from falling.

Reapplying the disease and spreading them efficiently could possibly give you the upper against other Dps in the fight. Like Tor mentioned, spreading diseases becomes more valuable in the longer the fights.

I personally use this rotation as a DW frost in a long AoE fight:
D&D -1 unh rune
PS -1 unh rune
Blood boil(roiling blood)/pestilence -1 death rune
Dump HB
Dump FS and rinse and repeat, adjust rotation to the situation.
Outbreak is key to big bursts for me. I also use howling blast before I swing my sword at anything, out of pure habit. Diseases are key to getting the most out of your strikes. Try using pillar of frost/outbreak/ obliterate. I know a a frost Dk this combo can be deadly.

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